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November 24, 2013


I'm 66 and SO very far from retiring from life. Here we are in 2018 and I'm still looking for the old hippie commune. Anything? ANYwhere??

I've only just turned 55 but I'm beginning to look for a comfortable, hippy-esque (I think they call it 'progressive' now) community where I will be able to slowly wind down my work life (horticulturist or whatever) and gradually settle into a "retirement" life with the comfort of like-minded folks around me. That I can afford.

I love the Intentional Community movement ( ic.org ), I'm open to all sorts of creative ideas on the subject and I'm hoping that someone, somewhere, is thinking along the same lines. I'll gladly help with the groundwork now while I can to help build what it is we are all looking for.

Well, I am also so happy to have googled just the right words to land on this blog. Every post I relate to. We really are a tribe us baby boomers! So my husband and I are 65 and 67 living in Alachua, Fl, (near Gainesville) for 33 years on 10 acres which includes a private lake and all the trimmings. We have raised 4 happy kids here and we have lived a full organic permaculture style life. We have our place for sale because we did not pay off our mortgage when we could have and now we do not want to live with one. This place is paradise with a 2600 sf house.We would be able to build one more home on this property or split it and build another house. Instead of selling for $400,000, it would be nice to have some like minded folks buy into the place and we could share the main dwelling and build one more. This could be done with 3 other separate buyers investing $100,000 each. Let me know if anyone is interested. ([email protected]) I own and operate a commercial organic rose nursery and would be interested in taking on a partner as well. All things are possible. We have been building a beautiful tiny house (almost complete) with my son as my husband is a master builder as well. Most of these posts are 2 years old unless I haven't reached the end of them yet. We are ready and willing to make this happen. We have many exciting ideas for our place and it would make an excellent retreat center too. Please write if interested.

Cooler care homes are needed for the baby boomers. We are not the Mares Eat Oats generation. That was our folks or grandfolks. I have a friend who is 69 and had a stroke. He can not help it. He is really a hip guy and lives in Kansas. Very intelligent and creative...loves cooking, gardening, and music. He went to look at very nice facility in our town. He freaked out. Everyone was 85 or 90 and they were just sitting in their wheelchairs staring around. He got really upset and scared by the whole thing. Plus the cost was 6,000 dollars per month. What.?.. We are going to hit these places like a grooving grey tsunami. These places are far from ready for us. I guess we had better get something going. Is there any place in Ka sar that cater to people .like us?

I am retired, child of the 60's.Lived the best yrs.of my life in S.F.
I've been living in Az. but will be relocating to N.J. Any 55+ communities where hippies live? I am vegan, into animal rights, liberal..need to find same.

Count me in when this place is situated. I'm all of the above, healthy, active, and dearly want others of like minds, hearts and bodies around.

I just turned 56, divorced, and settled in a 40 ish community. I am looking for the aging hippy relaxed ATMOSPHERE WHERE THERE ARE SINGLES of my age!!!!

Hello vegan family

I am available for live in help for disabled person's or seniors who are vegan. I can assist with just about Anything & would only require a small space to live . I am female age 29 I aspire to become a full plant based or fruitarian .I have been transitioning to fully plant based for 3 years .Currently I live alone in south east Louisiana. Please email me @[email protected]

hey ----me too everyone that posted that they r looking for a old hippy place to live .y cant we all communicate together and get a place for our self's? susan Im really in a hurry to find what I need.

me too Im a 79 year old going on 40 hippie looking for a place to do my art . need to do this quickly .help susan

We live in Seattle, a great lifestyle. We would love to find a REAL feeling retirement community on the California coast. Seattle gloom for 6 months just isn’t meeting ourweather needs. We imagine hiking and biking NO GOLF, BOCCE, SHUFFLEBOARD. No hideous carpeted over decorated dining room, no bad food. Instead, conversation areas, coffee, weed, art, writing, animals, computer lab, games. Definite diversity.
Contact me if there is such a concept.

[email protected]

I sold my little house 480 sq ft let go of my stuff bought a used little Casita and am doing a work gig for the summer ( not really my place) I am teaching yoga, do sound therapy and many other modalities that do not vibe here!!! l have no idea where I am going for the winter but l definitely lookng for my tribe I am currently n Rapid City South Dakota at Hart Ranch. Kenna

We laugh at’a what’s funny. We shit on the chests of the weird.

hey I want the same thing. hippie retirement home. what sucks is I am a 68 yr old widow. so. hmm. also I am (lost) In Iowa, originally from ny, a jew and into it. wish Hippie Home near nyc but not too near. need greenspace nature culture and ppl to hang with. weed friendly. privacy and community. does it exist or will it ever? l m k oh also cat friendly. diverse. not only jews but I can't take white christian America anymore.....
home should have a rap room, poetry room jam room. own space w privacy. n'exists pas..

It is so refreshing to see this community here I can relate to so many of the comments! I just happened to be thinking today if I won the lottery I would start and intentional Community with fun-loving people in their Golden Ages :-) please let me know if this exists anywhere! I even thought about moving to Jamaica! My number is 910-612-8167 I am cookie! I'm a widow my husband passed away with Lou Gehrig's Disease and I'm not ready to fold yet peace love and blessings!

Check out Asheville, NC. Very eco-conscious. University town. Full of peace, love, and understanding.

This is a bit morbid but true, people may be dying to find a hippie place to retire!
In all this time I would have hoped this void had be noticed, causing a wave of beautiful places at affordable prices (many would be low-budget, hippie style anyway). Alas, choices are slim to none in most places.
There must be some true hippies out there that have a lot of money and are lonely for the lifestyle and friends that all of us on here miss? This is not a pitch but this should not be the way things are now or ever. We are hippies and we know how to cooperate and do things that are meaningful.
I am a 61 y/o, lifelong married hippie man on disability. My wife still works but must live with her mother now to care for her.
I live alone and we have no children, no one will care for us in the same way.
I live outside of Bellingham Washington, which has been called the most hippie city in the US. I have lived here a long time but could not testify to that. I don't really know many people that would like to be called a hippie.
Now you go downtown near the university at night on the weekends and you may find a lot of people about and may even hear howling at the moon! However, these seem to be "hipsters", simply cool, young partiers. I like them but I love hippies!
This thread is very old and some places need to be created!
I can provide info about this area (it is very beautiful) but you would most likely need to buy and create your own deal. I can not be involved with the money end of things so do not ask.
[email protected]

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