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November 24, 2013


Ahhh, my situation is complicated in that my husband is a boat person; he wants/needs to be around water. He has been talking about Clayton, NY (cold) and Ft. Myers, FL (conservative). I am an old hippie, more open-minded (liberal) to location, and somewhat artsy. We are 65-ish and want to re-settle in the next year. So many of us are in the same postion - what are we going to do???

I've found my peeps! We're not ready yet but are in our 60s and know communal living of some sort is on our future. My Mom lives in the type of place the OP describes but I will never own enough "coordinated sportswear" for the dining rooms. Where are all my graying-naturally, bra-less, jeans-clad comrades going to age out?

Sounds like you already have the solution. You're sitting on it. Why not have a small number of select individuals share your land put up there own small dwelling and all share in community garden and maintenance of common facilities. If the cost could be affordable for people on retirement then viola! If assisted living or nursing is required then that's yet another type of living transition not accommodated here.

I am 65 and concerned with my next move because I am still a hippie at heart in a world that is so drastically different and disconcerting from the world of my youth. I am searching for a location ----my place and some semblance of peace. wendee

This is fabulous. I went searching on the web and I found there are lots of us out there looking for the same thing. Communal living with like minded people.

Just found this site this morning, and feel like you are my future. I've lived most of my life in the Midwest, with long winter vacations to Hawaii and the Carribean to maintain sanity, well, sort of. I am downsizing my life in all ways. Started getting rid of antiques and possessions two years ago, and just sold my 14 room house on 2 and a half acres in a small rural town. I have relocated to an apt. In the "city",population 80,000, and know it is meant to be temporary for me. I'm the youngest one here, ( 65), so after 2 months,I know what a retirement complex looks like, here anyway. Seeking other fun, creative, active friends, in a warm climate. I'm so done with winters! Nice to visit, don't want to live there anymore.

Ok everybody, I've got the answer, LETS DO IT AGAIN, i.e. lets build a tiny house retirement community, like we did in SF in the 60's. That proved just a group of people could change the world. Lets get back to being there for each other. Im working on the project for lo income and disabled srs, (to later expand to all) but find that non old hippie types are REALLY hard to grasp the concept and having to give up lots of stuff and space is too hard for them to grasp. I tell them, 'if you do a little research and consider that as you age, you dont leave your chair much, hence not alot of space is needed, haha, and do you really want to clean it all the time, so hey, you can let go of all that square footage. Personally, Im going with one with lots of big windows so nature becomes home, (at least visually). We would have a central meeting place where there'd be free tv/internet/telephone (you get on a free network). have a younger manager who would provide repairs, take us to med appts and shopping (and possibly have a group car on site for the able bodied and emergencies) and the bottom line consciousness in the community is; "my good day is your bad" so I'll come over and make ya breakfast, on my bad day you come and help me do laundry, ad infinitum. We'd grow our own food. Bottom line is we would be there for each other, screw capitalism and the government. Get back into the love mode seriously......real community. Then some of so inclined will take in homeless youth.

Im looking at more rural areas around Portland, Or, where theres still the ancient growth (i.e. healing power trees). If anybody wants to connect on the idea, e me at sunrisinghome.gmail.com. Can refer folks this way as well. Thanks

Well, did you find your 'landing' place yet???? Im actually working on a project to re-instate height st, i.e a seniors commune, WAA HOOO. HAHA. Anyway would love to connect. Im in Portland,

I think that there are a lot of New Agers, spiritually inclined and high social conscience people who would welcome the opportunity to move into an independent community. Even more so if one has empathic tendencies.
My preference is the Pacific Coast as it is more temperate. I would like to build a dome house with vertical outside walls using insulated concrete forms. Somewhere around the central Oregon coast sounds quite nice.

Came across this old blogpost, but thought if comment to the ethers anyway...

Yes! And instead of "Cowboy Bob" and Elvis impersonators for "special entertainment," we will have Doobie Brothers, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young etc cover bands, and Joanie Mitchell impersonators! (Scratch that, no one could impersonate Joanie Mitchell, but you get my drift!) The med techs would be passing out brownies.. We could have our own Woodstock or Monterey Pop Festival: "Old-Wood Stock" and "Monterey Moms and Pops!" Seriously though, as I spend endless fingernails-on-chalkboard, paint-drying watching (and V.O.C. breathing), hours and hours at my parents' assisted living (love them, but the place drives me nuts) I imagine, as an afternoon "music feature" rattles on...suddenly the lights dim...laser lights start to search, strobes go off, and from the mezzanine library above the dining room, a Steve Miller voice is heard..."Ladies and Gentlemen! (We get out our light sticks) Are you ready to ROOOOCCCCKKK?!" (Ok not the same concert as CSN(&Y) and 'Joanie Mitchell')
Or some version of that.
Oh, and the outings on the little bus we are going to political protests and rallies. Or Powells. Or LifeSource Natural Foods. Or the Country Fair. Or, wheelchair/walker hiking (it's invented by then) to Opal Creek.
And the care staff are Reiki Masters/energy healers, and reflexologists, and the lady in the "beauty parlor" knows how to do maintenance on dreads.
Yes (wistfully) maybe some visionary developer will be reading this...hmmm Virgin Pacifica Elder Hostel, Sir Richard?

I have been searching for the many things that all of you are seeking. What do we need to make something happen for we aging hippies. Would anyone like to suggest a place and time to meet for a coming together of the minds and the means? I will be in California in January and have many friends who I know would join in for a movement of this sort. Thanks and Peace to All

I'm almost 65 and have just begun looking for a continuing care community. What I'm finding just isn't me. I'm not interested in the resort type community. Like many of you, I would love to find a community for old hippies! Is there one and if not, why not?

Retired carpenter with pension @ age 60 nearing in Ag. Body protesting 33 plus years of construction. Body will not cooperate with my youthful adventurerous mind. Now that my shackles are broke to restart my new life I am still asking myself what do I want to be when I grow up? Waiting for my soulmate to recover from advance Lyme decease then we can start a new adventure. Have the same mind set. Good luck!!

carpenter with pension @ age 60 nearing in Ag. Body protesting 33 plus years of construction. Body will not cooperate with my youthful adventurerous mind. Now that my shackles are broke to restart my new life I am still asking myself what do I want to be when I grow up? Waiting for my soulmate to recover from advance Lyme decease then we can start a new adventure. Have the same mind set. Good luck!!

What strikes me as the biggest problem with aging in America is the segregation of elders. What is missing is a community populated by all ages and stages of life. Somehow incorporating the concept of the extended family where everyone has a part to play and everyone benefits.

Sign me up! I know people who want an affordable community for aging hippies to happen in Knoxville, TN next to the old city; Ideally in a converted warehouse where we would have individual apartments and large gathering areas, a garden on the roof, studio spaces for artists, musicians & healers...
I'm thinking we could form a network of places - some rural, some urban.
Let's keep talking ^..^ Our time is Here!

Im so glad I found this site, check out our project;www.sunrisinghome.com. Given most srs are set in their ways and not real oriented to such a change, I know many of you would be way ready for this. Pls e me or call 971-254-9458

Reading this blog had been very encouraging!!! I'm just turning 62,and I too am searching for such a place. I am healthy and active, and cannot imagine living in a senior assisted living facility. Recently divorced, and ready to let my gypsy spirit and soul return from a long time in exhile. By the end of this year, I hope to have my little rv all packed up, and I'm hitting the road. Living off the grid sounds great, and of course as green ad possible.I'm ready for new places and new adventures. Eventually I'd love to settle down for a spell, in a community of like minded people, who care for this planet and for their fellow man. I hope I will find it!!!

So...two years later what is the latest on this subject? I will soon be 64. Yikes. I need answers!

I am looking for a like minded group or home to spend my last years. I'm retired and have a small pension and am on social security. I'm youthful in spirit (as we all are) and love humor and laughing. I'm also sort of a political nut - naw, I'm very political! I am a "liberal" and proud of it!

Anyway, hope something turns up. I just think it would be so much fun!

1st time for a Blog for me, but I enjoyed and felt everyone's pain. My husband and I are downsizing and moving near our youngest son in Washington state. We are looking for an active community. I see all the pictures and I swear we don't look like that or at like that. I retire in 2017 and we are already looking for some place active and fun. I will 59 then and he will be 60. We just want a fun place, reasonable place that we can live and enjoy life. Still looking... all suggestions are welcome for our next adventure.

Oh well, just got the msg that I had to refresh to send my post...so I lost the good one.dont have the patience right now...too busy downsizing my house. Will be back. Initial post caught my eye & I'm glad to make contact w those like me.

Someone has just started a neighborhood web site....even tho I hate being forced to have internet to communicate with anyone, it has been a good thing so far....at least we're talking & they don't know I'm not wearing a bra or shaving! I say get together with, say, the blogger that lives in Fla....hang out....Learn where everybody is...Maybe we are all close but isolated (I am). Seems like most are talking about NW...& it seems to me that CA have the most liberal thinkers......but I like the beach and the sun....that's why I'm thinking FLA....& y'all are scaring me. Keep Austin Weird! p.s. Im a nurse, been to the aging communities...dont want to live there.....really.

Please re-think Panorama! My husband and I are in early 60s & moved here this year. It has everything you said you wanted, except for the Kesey bus ( agreat idea!) A theater that shows first run movies, a garden, dog park, sidewalks, a rails-to-trails multi-use trail that goes right by us. Average age of newbies is 60s, meditation classes, and most of us liberals and active. Come on up & visit. I agree that their marketing is sadly out of tune with what boomers want. We need to work on that.

Deb, thanks for your observations about Panorama. You've led us to decide to take another look at the community. If/when we come up from Oregon to visit, we'll see if you're around.

Peace brothers and sisters,,It seems so many of us are looking for the last peaceful place to land-Most of theses posts coild have been written by me.-Isn't there something/somewhere??? Im 66,female and live alone--It is gradually getting just a little harder to do it all alone not to mention it being just plain lonely--I want to move to Oregon --daughter is in Portland--Anyone want to share housing/rent-have a like-minded roommate? This is redneckville here--Id like to be with my own kind--"Namaste"'Cheryl Please,please contact me with any and all ideas [email protected] Put hippie in subject line so I kno it is not spam Many thanks

I don't suggest SE Wisconsin, once a progressive state but now it's run by extreme right wackos. I've live here 40 years. I'm 64 and thinkin about Western CO, central AZ, or Florida. I want to ride the bikes smoke to the the end.

We are in the same boat ,i.e., 60+ and figuring where to spend our days. We are currently in Austin,tx but it's not where to retire.
We are looking at Oregon as 420 friendly and a beautiful state and people!
But the commune thing intrigues me. Big time.
I'm thinking about buying 10 acres and selling/leasing 1 acre lots and creating a commune.
Community garden and conversational areas.
Who's in?
Let's talk.

Michael Rinebold

on a sudden inspiration i plugged "retirement old hippies" (or something like that, i forget exactly) and up came this amazing blog. as someone else noted, i could have written many of these entires. age 63, plan to retire at 65, don't know what i should do at that point. like you i'm an old hippie, comfortable in the company of other old hippies. it is a revelation to find there are so many of us. i have thought about communal living for many years, or at least, a modified communal living situation (e.g., separate small houses, communal centers, shared responsibilities...) and would like to find such a situation. it is great hearing all your stories!

I lucked into this blog by typing in "Best Places to live for Boomers, liberal, music, arts".
(I am a professional musician for 40 years. Single, female and a tad over 60)

I'd like to share locations I have experienced, to add to the conversation about "where to live?"

I'm hoping to visit Asheville and Chapel Hill this summer. It seems to be a popular retirement place for Miami Boomers who have had it with the climate and population swell.

I loved the Berkshires, lived in Gt Barrington for 2 years. Very conscious and even have their own currency to "keep it local". But winters are too rugged for these bones.

I built an adobe house south of Tucson, AZ in the 1990s. Grey water system, solar passive, adobe block. But, with small kids it was too far from many services that became important. The 116 degrees in summer wasn't as bad in the shade. Deep wells are needed.

I've been in Miami for 3+ decades-South FL, the coasts are showing evidence of sea level rise, we are on limestone and the drinking water aquifer will be affected by salt water intrusion at some point. Sandbagging doesn't help when water rises up through the porous limestone.
The flooding on Miami Beach is in evidence already at King Tide time and at full moons so I look at the projected rise on all of FL coastline.

Thing is, it's no longer just 700 people per day moving to Florida, it's now reported at 1000! Per day!
Traffic has gotten increasingly worse over the years and I am feeling hemmed in. The drivers are from all over and seem to think US driving laws are optional.

The current governor (Scott) is ignoring climate change, fracking may be up on the agenda. We have an old nuclear power plant south of Miami and the Everglades to protect from agri industry.

The heat and humidity are relentless..in 2015 it was 8 months of non stop air-conditioning!

Looking for my tribe of conscious, liberal artist types in a better climate. The Astro Cartography readings are very interesting.
Hope there will be more shared info here. Good luck everyone!

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