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November 24, 2013


I've been thinking of the need for exactly the type of community you're talking about. I'm 'only'56, but my day is coming. I'm envisioning a rural or semi-rural community with a cluster of small homes, shared garden, chickens, cats and dogs.. Late 60's commune model perhaps. Did you see that video of the man in his early 70's who developed a really cool adult 'playground'? Something to keep the mind and body healthy.

A friend and I are working on just that sort of community for aging counterculturalists that you and Heidi describe, especially what Heidi described.

It would incorporate permaculture gardens, rainwater harvesting and outdoor living/gathering areas with small easy to maintain dwellings of local natural materials. Graywater from laundry, showers, dishwashing would be utilized for irrigation and lanscaping would include local plants adapted to the climate, many of which would bear edible potions or fruit. There would be chickens, goats and fish ponds as part of the permaculture gardening ecosystems. It would be adjacent to open land for natural walks/hikes/hobbles/limps/shuffles. Paths would be gavel dirt with proper drainage and could be used for biking as well as wheelchair races. The whole thing would be earth friendly and would blend with the environment as much as possible. Social interaction would revolve around the lifestyle offered by the property itself. There cold be a Magic Bus for trips to the mall, but the people who would be attracted to living this way are not going to be accumulating a lot of polyester at Macy's. The emphasis is on the land itself and what it has to offer...rattlesnakes, scorpions, cacti as well as more benign flora and fauna.

I'm a Libertarian (as in: do whatever you want as long as it's not on my property and I don't have to fund it without my consent) hippie chick who is married to a conservative former corporate guy (3rd marriage). We're currently living in an overpriced too-normal-for-me-and-I-can't-take-it-anymore retirement community, where I feel like I'll never fit in. If anyone can tell me about ANY hippyish retirement community ANYWHERE in the US - or better yet write a short blog post about it or give me an interview - please leave a message in the comment section (at the bottom of the page of any blog post) on my website, Boomerinas.com. I want to MOVE. I love the beauty of the Seattle area but it's so freaking damp & cold that my arthritis (from an old ski injury) is making certain movements difficult for me. You don't HAVE to do an article unless you want to... it would be free advertising for your dream retirement location. However, I am currently in the process of looking for a place to move and I need advice. (Lower property taxes would help. And, my current husband is quite conservative, so you'll have to be tolerant of his misguided ideas. He's a little too old to have lived through the hippie movement... and try as I might... he's untrainable.) Peace, Tina Boomerina


Malls suck, but it would be fun to go to a Mall in the Magic Bus... I'm in! Can you talk my "straight, normal" husband into it. Sounds like a gas, gas, gas.

I hear ya' brother...I want to have some fun and still keep fighting to change the world...I don't know how well I'd do with libertarians and conservative corporate types...I consider myself a revolutionary socialist...but at this point, I'm even more interesting in partying than in the revolution.

Searching. . . I am 65 soon to be 66 old hippie chic from the 60's I was laid off of my last job on Dec 6 2013.I am so done with the working thing and decided I am retired. I have survived being in the mainstream for way to long. . I do not require much I will manage on my Social Security. Searching for some kind of fellowship with others that have the 'hippie state of mind'. Now the couple in Salem with 10 acres--why not develop a community on your land? I am now living in a small duplex close to daughter & family that is affordable and fits my budget but I miss the interaction with other old hippies. My current friends are fairly straight and accept me for who I am but I am a 'novelty' friend and not understood or taken seriously. Things like my Peace efforts & views, environment issues, spiritual insights, 420 belief, food choices are kind of viewed by them as humorous at times. I have survived breast cancer, have normal aches & pains, wear glasses, have upper denture which helps with collecting SMILES. Well all for now. Just feels good to express myself hopefully to others out there. Peace

I'm a Tufts MD who proverbially "chucked it" for a moment in the sun doing what I went to med school for. I'm just 51, so am looking to do my project for 20 years, should the Gods be willing.

In terms of health care and keeping yourself disease free and discomfort free, what do you want access to. Presently I'm developing this pinterest.com/lowwater/ but since there's no such thing a magic bullet, I wish to broaden my horizons by better understanding yours.

BTW, if you can get me a joy ride on "Furthur", a round of massage therapy for the house on me. Did Kesey's estate ever get that thing into the Smithsonian or was that an urban legend?

wow,I can relate to all that's being said here. I'm 63 and am a healer and have a thriving in person and phone session practice in energy psychology that I would never retire from and have land in upstate new york near ithaca that is beautiful which i was planning to build on but have been chastened by the idea that the winters in that area start in the end of summer! I would love to be in a community that holds hippy values and is beautiful where I can build a small home. I am fine for now in New Jersey but am getting tired of taking care of the house and soooo over the winters! I know that chapel hill is one place that we old hippies can call a resting ground and the weather is milder but I have yet to visit so its' all hearsay. I'd love any ideas that you have about other places/cities states to look into. I'm crazy for the beach too but putting that all on my wish list may be too much to ask for. But. hey what the hell. Let's dream big :-)

I am 60, and I have been thinking/worrying about this a lot recently. My in-laws are in a lovely facility with very good care, but the place gives me the screaming hebee-jebees! (Sorry, I never tried to spell that before) I want 70s music, tie-dye, liberal politics, recycling, and a community! I love New England, but the winters just about kill me. I have breathing issues and need access to top medical facilities. I don't know what the solution is, but I am encouraged to find other like minds. We need to get busy!

Hi I am Margaret from England and I have to say that the thought of being made to sit in a fake leather orange chair and be quiet fills me with dread. I intend to return to my childhood I want to play on swings, padle, make funny cards, paint, dig holes etc etc But there is no where here that allows this its all about containment and thats so wrong

What is so gratifying about this website is it's hippie orientation, and openness to alternative problem solving. My comments are directed to the issue of relocation and community of shared histories, experiences, and belief systems that we've nurtured over the years. If you do the astrology thing, or believe it has value, investigate "Astro-Cartography"- it is a trademark, but I don't know what else to call it. Maybe, relocation charts- however you google it, it will lead to the same general area, and idea. Just like we have a rising sign, the time of birth determines which houses planets fall in. It also determines where those planets "fall" on the earth. If you are seriously considering relocation, and don't have a specific destination, it is worth your time and effort. Rather than move somewhere to find hippies there, astrological relocation could direct you to those places that would be more conducive to manifesting the qualities one associates with your own hippiness. One doesn't necessarily need the services of a qualified astrologer as the literature and internet are rich in detail and self-study. In my own situation, I grew up in LA-on my saturn line; came of age in the Haight on my Pluto line; and now live in PDX, on my Uranus line; I much prefer PDX- I'm never bored here, and I can handle the changes that Uranus brings.

i AM 60 OR 06 OR 16...I forget or don't care....except for the fact that as I age, I want to be near like minded people, ya know, freaks. What about when the mind starts to spin in reverse? What if I too want to swing in the morning? Play in a garden in the afternoon and swim in the evening under the stars? I don't want to be locked up to "protect" me from my insane behaviors...but I fear this, eventually. I imagine this community where we keep an eye on each other, like we used to do.
I am Reiki practitioner so I tend to be a nurturer, always concerned for others. IT TAKES ALL TYPES, really! To make something like this work.
We did so much in our young lives, we changed the world. Are done now? I don't think so. I am not.
Let,s come together, a group of First Generation Hippies, collectively purchase a parcel of acreage in the southwest, (healthiest and spiritual) and go out in style.
We could have festivals, we could farm and sell our produce. We are a large community of artists, teachers, doctors, lawyers, nurses, dog officers, bus drivers, there is a job for everyone. We abolish money!!!!!!! I am getting carried away.
All of you that read this, think about it. I am talking 'bout my generation' the one I am so proud to be a member of....we do everything better and cooler. We need to retire back to the gardens. Listen to music, smoke our pot and just ...."be".
Let's start something.

At almost 63 I am with you. I have looked high and low for a community that fits..me...as many have expressed. It is amusing/curious to me that this conversation emerged when I googled 'what is an aging hippie to do?'. at 1:00 am.. .expecting nothing. So.. Ya never know.

Check out facebook: "OCF Old Hippies Home"
OCF = Oregon Country Fair
A lot of us Old Hippies who attend the Fair are getting started on this idea of spending the rest of our lives LIVING together - taking care of each other, sharing what we all have, and not letting anybody cut our hair!
Check it out. We are just starting, but hippies from all over the US and the world come to the Fair every year, so this is a large base of like-minded folks. The more we all share, the more we all have.

Lynne, thanks for the info. My wife and I love the Oregon Country Fair. We trek (well, drive) down from Salem every year, getting our annual dose of un-Salem'ness. If you're familiar with Salem, you know what I mean.

I took a quick look at the "OCF Old Hippies Home" page. Interesting. Living as we do now on ten acres in the country, in a single family home, we feel most comfortable in our own house. But I can understand the appeal of shared "elder housing."

It's tough to find the perfect place, probably because "perfect" is a human concept that doesn't exist in natural reality. We like the idea of being in town, in a walkable/bikable liberal mixed use neighborhood, but we also like the privacy, quiet, and nature trails where we are now.

Sigh... I guess life will guide us in the direction we need to go, As if we had a choice.

So many of us are at this junction. Some interesting concepts are arising, e.g. pocket communities and multi-age communal living situations. Some cities are more progressively supportive than others. It appears that you have the space and an interest in developing a viable/vibrant option for like-minded individuals to extend their independence, productivity, and creativity many years into the future, prior to enrolling in one of the current assisted living facilities. We may need a little more help from our friends at this point, but we are far from incapacitated. I'll be watching for further posts.

Sign me up. Make sure it's someplace warm. The hills of Hawaii would be nice. I can't cook but I can write... and paint (art) if it's warm enough to heal the arthritis in my neck. (Then I can move my arms.)

Tina Boomerina at Boomerinas.com



I'm 65,grew up in the Bay Area and was there in SF, for the good times. From 65-67-in the Haight, and I spent 1971 Living On The Earth, with Alica Bay Laurel as a neighbor, as well as 150 or so others, on Wheelers Ranch in Sonoma Co. Open land concept.

What I learned is this. Most people can get along fine with no need for authority. But, some need to be told right from wrong, and there in lies the rub in the utopias. The takers vs. the givers is a constant diversion.
So, to be a real good place to live, and share with other like minded people, requires strict rules of conduct, and a willingness to be open and respectful, to others. I would love to live together with others of my generation and persuasion.
Likeminded free thinkers that are drug and alcohol free would be ideal. I live in a nice apartment in Washington, near Portland, but would love to live on land with others. It can be done and work great if everyone comes together to make it happen. Times running out. Living on Social Security can be made easy, when it's done in a group or family type situation.

i'm in search of a hippie-friendly retirement community on the east coast, near the beach, north carolina or north.

People like you are what make Oregon beautiful. We are composed of so many individuals. Thank you for sharing and as always, Keep Oregon Weird.

Ocean Beach, California is a throwback to the good old days! It's beachy, behemian, laid-back, dog-friendly, socially conscious, diverse, and there is that relaxed feeling you have when you walk down the street and people actually say hello! It's far from perfect, no place is, but it's definitely one of the last communities left for people like us!

It's so good to hear I am not the only one that feels this way. I'm 62 and live in Florida alone. My children and grandchildren are here as is my soon to be 80 year mother. I remember living in communes and working together as a family and would love to live with like minded people. I do have RA and I am currently an out of work MSW social worker. I would love a peaceful environment preferably vegetarian/vegan. The northwest sounds wonderful. Cant seem to find a hippie/bohemian type community here in Florida. Plus im very outspoken about animal cruelty and ecological issues. Not always easy to find people my age here that feel the way I do. Thanks for letting me share.

Well this is a old blog but seeing another recent post I thought I'd chime in.

At first I was hell bent on Colorado. I'm only 55 and may never actually be able to fully retire.

A villagey type area would be more toward my ideal. I think a lot of just being an RVer but even then I'll eventually have to have that one comfortable place and prefer it in an area where I can gather with like minded folks.

I don't think I could do a commune thing well, after living alone as long as I have. I'd be happy just to find the right little village not far from the nature and/or hiking trails.

I don't drink but I do like to do a little cannabis. It's not easy to come by at this age, especially if I were to move away from younger relatives.

Guess I really didn't add anything, except that us who came of age at the dawn of the 70's are in the same boat.

Florida is a real downer and I do have friends there and friends who still light up, but man that's as liberal as they get. Otherwise they are stuck in a disco time warp and love their Jeb.

I am 58 and disabled/retired I own 10 acres in the upper peninsula Mi. I have a wonderful Garden and medical 420 card, a nice shop. The only problem is it gets cold in the winter and the locals are pretty redneck. I live 40 miles from a stop light, a grocery store or a fast food place (don't eat that stuff anyways)I have my hair still to the middle of my back and wear levis and black high top chuck taylors allstars. have a 74 beetle mint condition (cuz I take care of her)I'm a musician , the only bummer is I just wished more people like me lived here

Nice to read all these ideas. Particularly like Jaymes Easton's concept of astro-cartography and relocation charts. Off to research that now.

I'm 71 going on 40. Forget about "good health care", we're all going to die eventually anyway. We don't want to eat factory food, chemical cocktails. Why should we accept that concept of health care? That's not a good criteria for moving.

Consider whether you are extrovert or introvert. Define the differences between "want" and "need."

I'm so DONE with the Sonoran Desert extremes, 106ºF to 16ºF. The overhead costs of heating, cooling, sourcing water are insane.

Consider whether you need proximity to a good secondary international airport; forget the boondocks.

The more isolated the land and the more poverty based the population the more conservative, discriminatory, and racist the basis of the society and culture.

Just a few of the things I have learned in my search. That said, I do not have any clear answers either. thanks, all

Hi there,

I am working on an independent living community like the ones spoken about above with a focus on spiritual growth. I'm trying to gauge whether this concept would draw in people from out of state. It is going to be on 50 acres just outside of Gainesville, Florida. So would any of you be willing to move out of your local area for something like this? I'd really love to speak with some of you as we develop the concept…we are looking at breaking ground in May, 2016. you can reach me at [email protected]

wow! how cool to find others looking for the same thing! To answer the question above - No. I am interested in a situation where free spirits can be free spirits. I want to enjoy weed, dance, do yoga, swim, continue doing whatever I can to honor and save our planet, meditate and attend to my own spirituality, plus play with like minded people. As a group we can begin to hire assistance as we need it. btw i am an acupuncturist and herbalist

I am looking for the same thing. I lived in a commune in the 70s. I moved every year growing up, sold my house and bought an rv. I traveled across the country with my six kids and homeschooled them..alone. I'm a child of the 60s, teen of the 70s. Gypsy at heart. Still looking for my place. Where do I belong? I'm a yoga teacher, artist and author. Reiki, balance aura/chakras, drumming circle player, tarot reader...

I've begun looking into a place with these value on behalf my mother. She had a stroke and is in rehab. Dont know yet how much independence she will recover, and it is my hope she will return to her rural Vermont home needing a bit more help than before. But recovery is slow thus far and it's a distinct possibility she'll end up needing "skilled care".

People reading this, what are some places you have identified? New England or Pacific Northwest preferred, but open to all ideas.

Ahhh, my situation is complicated in that my husband is a boat person; he wants/needs to be around water. He has been talking about Clayton, NY (cold) and Ft. Myers, FL (conservative). I am an old hippie, more open-minded (liberal) to location, and somewhat artsy. We are 65-ish and want to re-settle in the next year. So many of us are in the same postion - what are we going to do???

I've found my peeps! We're not ready yet but are in our 60s and know communal living of some sort is on our future. My Mom lives in the type of place the OP describes but I will never own enough "coordinated sportswear" for the dining rooms. Where are all my graying-naturally, bra-less, jeans-clad comrades going to age out?

Sounds like you already have the solution. You're sitting on it. Why not have a small number of select individuals share your land put up there own small dwelling and all share in community garden and maintenance of common facilities. If the cost could be affordable for people on retirement then viola! If assisted living or nursing is required then that's yet another type of living transition not accommodated here.

I am 65 and concerned with my next move because I am still a hippie at heart in a world that is so drastically different and disconcerting from the world of my youth. I am searching for a location ----my place and some semblance of peace. wendee

This is fabulous. I went searching on the web and I found there are lots of us out there looking for the same thing. Communal living with like minded people.

Just found this site this morning, and feel like you are my future. I've lived most of my life in the Midwest, with long winter vacations to Hawaii and the Carribean to maintain sanity, well, sort of. I am downsizing my life in all ways. Started getting rid of antiques and possessions two years ago, and just sold my 14 room house on 2 and a half acres in a small rural town. I have relocated to an apt. In the "city",population 80,000, and know it is meant to be temporary for me. I'm the youngest one here, ( 65), so after 2 months,I know what a retirement complex looks like, here anyway. Seeking other fun, creative, active friends, in a warm climate. I'm so done with winters! Nice to visit, don't want to live there anymore.

Ok everybody, I've got the answer, LETS DO IT AGAIN, i.e. lets build a tiny house retirement community, like we did in SF in the 60's. That proved just a group of people could change the world. Lets get back to being there for each other. Im working on the project for lo income and disabled srs, (to later expand to all) but find that non old hippie types are REALLY hard to grasp the concept and having to give up lots of stuff and space is too hard for them to grasp. I tell them, 'if you do a little research and consider that as you age, you dont leave your chair much, hence not alot of space is needed, haha, and do you really want to clean it all the time, so hey, you can let go of all that square footage. Personally, Im going with one with lots of big windows so nature becomes home, (at least visually). We would have a central meeting place where there'd be free tv/internet/telephone (you get on a free network). have a younger manager who would provide repairs, take us to med appts and shopping (and possibly have a group car on site for the able bodied and emergencies) and the bottom line consciousness in the community is; "my good day is your bad" so I'll come over and make ya breakfast, on my bad day you come and help me do laundry, ad infinitum. We'd grow our own food. Bottom line is we would be there for each other, screw capitalism and the government. Get back into the love mode seriously......real community. Then some of so inclined will take in homeless youth.

Im looking at more rural areas around Portland, Or, where theres still the ancient growth (i.e. healing power trees). If anybody wants to connect on the idea, e me at sunrisinghome.gmail.com. Can refer folks this way as well. Thanks

Well, did you find your 'landing' place yet???? Im actually working on a project to re-instate height st, i.e a seniors commune, WAA HOOO. HAHA. Anyway would love to connect. Im in Portland,

I think that there are a lot of New Agers, spiritually inclined and high social conscience people who would welcome the opportunity to move into an independent community. Even more so if one has empathic tendencies.
My preference is the Pacific Coast as it is more temperate. I would like to build a dome house with vertical outside walls using insulated concrete forms. Somewhere around the central Oregon coast sounds quite nice.

Came across this old blogpost, but thought if comment to the ethers anyway...

Yes! And instead of "Cowboy Bob" and Elvis impersonators for "special entertainment," we will have Doobie Brothers, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young etc cover bands, and Joanie Mitchell impersonators! (Scratch that, no one could impersonate Joanie Mitchell, but you get my drift!) The med techs would be passing out brownies.. We could have our own Woodstock or Monterey Pop Festival: "Old-Wood Stock" and "Monterey Moms and Pops!" Seriously though, as I spend endless fingernails-on-chalkboard, paint-drying watching (and V.O.C. breathing), hours and hours at my parents' assisted living (love them, but the place drives me nuts) I imagine, as an afternoon "music feature" rattles on...suddenly the lights dim...laser lights start to search, strobes go off, and from the mezzanine library above the dining room, a Steve Miller voice is heard..."Ladies and Gentlemen! (We get out our light sticks) Are you ready to ROOOOCCCCKKK?!" (Ok not the same concert as CSN(&Y) and 'Joanie Mitchell')
Or some version of that.
Oh, and the outings on the little bus we are going to political protests and rallies. Or Powells. Or LifeSource Natural Foods. Or the Country Fair. Or, wheelchair/walker hiking (it's invented by then) to Opal Creek.
And the care staff are Reiki Masters/energy healers, and reflexologists, and the lady in the "beauty parlor" knows how to do maintenance on dreads.
Yes (wistfully) maybe some visionary developer will be reading this...hmmm Virgin Pacifica Elder Hostel, Sir Richard?

I have been searching for the many things that all of you are seeking. What do we need to make something happen for we aging hippies. Would anyone like to suggest a place and time to meet for a coming together of the minds and the means? I will be in California in January and have many friends who I know would join in for a movement of this sort. Thanks and Peace to All

I'm almost 65 and have just begun looking for a continuing care community. What I'm finding just isn't me. I'm not interested in the resort type community. Like many of you, I would love to find a community for old hippies! Is there one and if not, why not?

Retired carpenter with pension @ age 60 nearing in Ag. Body protesting 33 plus years of construction. Body will not cooperate with my youthful adventurerous mind. Now that my shackles are broke to restart my new life I am still asking myself what do I want to be when I grow up? Waiting for my soulmate to recover from advance Lyme decease then we can start a new adventure. Have the same mind set. Good luck!!

carpenter with pension @ age 60 nearing in Ag. Body protesting 33 plus years of construction. Body will not cooperate with my youthful adventurerous mind. Now that my shackles are broke to restart my new life I am still asking myself what do I want to be when I grow up? Waiting for my soulmate to recover from advance Lyme decease then we can start a new adventure. Have the same mind set. Good luck!!

What strikes me as the biggest problem with aging in America is the segregation of elders. What is missing is a community populated by all ages and stages of life. Somehow incorporating the concept of the extended family where everyone has a part to play and everyone benefits.

Sign me up! I know people who want an affordable community for aging hippies to happen in Knoxville, TN next to the old city; Ideally in a converted warehouse where we would have individual apartments and large gathering areas, a garden on the roof, studio spaces for artists, musicians & healers...
I'm thinking we could form a network of places - some rural, some urban.
Let's keep talking ^..^ Our time is Here!

Im so glad I found this site, check out our project;www.sunrisinghome.com. Given most srs are set in their ways and not real oriented to such a change, I know many of you would be way ready for this. Pls e me or call 971-254-9458

Reading this blog had been very encouraging!!! I'm just turning 62,and I too am searching for such a place. I am healthy and active, and cannot imagine living in a senior assisted living facility. Recently divorced, and ready to let my gypsy spirit and soul return from a long time in exhile. By the end of this year, I hope to have my little rv all packed up, and I'm hitting the road. Living off the grid sounds great, and of course as green ad possible.I'm ready for new places and new adventures. Eventually I'd love to settle down for a spell, in a community of like minded people, who care for this planet and for their fellow man. I hope I will find it!!!

So...two years later what is the latest on this subject? I will soon be 64. Yikes. I need answers!

I am looking for a like minded group or home to spend my last years. I'm retired and have a small pension and am on social security. I'm youthful in spirit (as we all are) and love humor and laughing. I'm also sort of a political nut - naw, I'm very political! I am a "liberal" and proud of it!

Anyway, hope something turns up. I just think it would be so much fun!

1st time for a Blog for me, but I enjoyed and felt everyone's pain. My husband and I are downsizing and moving near our youngest son in Washington state. We are looking for an active community. I see all the pictures and I swear we don't look like that or at like that. I retire in 2017 and we are already looking for some place active and fun. I will 59 then and he will be 60. We just want a fun place, reasonable place that we can live and enjoy life. Still looking... all suggestions are welcome for our next adventure.

Oh well, just got the msg that I had to refresh to send my post...so I lost the good one.dont have the patience right now...too busy downsizing my house. Will be back. Initial post caught my eye & I'm glad to make contact w those like me.

Someone has just started a neighborhood web site....even tho I hate being forced to have internet to communicate with anyone, it has been a good thing so far....at least we're talking & they don't know I'm not wearing a bra or shaving! I say get together with, say, the blogger that lives in Fla....hang out....Learn where everybody is...Maybe we are all close but isolated (I am). Seems like most are talking about NW...& it seems to me that CA have the most liberal thinkers......but I like the beach and the sun....that's why I'm thinking FLA....& y'all are scaring me. Keep Austin Weird! p.s. Im a nurse, been to the aging communities...dont want to live there.....really.

Please re-think Panorama! My husband and I are in early 60s & moved here this year. It has everything you said you wanted, except for the Kesey bus ( agreat idea!) A theater that shows first run movies, a garden, dog park, sidewalks, a rails-to-trails multi-use trail that goes right by us. Average age of newbies is 60s, meditation classes, and most of us liberals and active. Come on up & visit. I agree that their marketing is sadly out of tune with what boomers want. We need to work on that.

Deb, thanks for your observations about Panorama. You've led us to decide to take another look at the community. If/when we come up from Oregon to visit, we'll see if you're around.

Peace brothers and sisters,,It seems so many of us are looking for the last peaceful place to land-Most of theses posts coild have been written by me.-Isn't there something/somewhere??? Im 66,female and live alone--It is gradually getting just a little harder to do it all alone not to mention it being just plain lonely--I want to move to Oregon --daughter is in Portland--Anyone want to share housing/rent-have a like-minded roommate? This is redneckville here--Id like to be with my own kind--"Namaste"'Cheryl Please,please contact me with any and all ideas [email protected] Put hippie in subject line so I kno it is not spam Many thanks

I don't suggest SE Wisconsin, once a progressive state but now it's run by extreme right wackos. I've live here 40 years. I'm 64 and thinkin about Western CO, central AZ, or Florida. I want to ride the bikes smoke to the the end.

We are in the same boat ,i.e., 60+ and figuring where to spend our days. We are currently in Austin,tx but it's not where to retire.
We are looking at Oregon as 420 friendly and a beautiful state and people!
But the commune thing intrigues me. Big time.
I'm thinking about buying 10 acres and selling/leasing 1 acre lots and creating a commune.
Community garden and conversational areas.
Who's in?
Let's talk.

Michael Rinebold

on a sudden inspiration i plugged "retirement old hippies" (or something like that, i forget exactly) and up came this amazing blog. as someone else noted, i could have written many of these entires. age 63, plan to retire at 65, don't know what i should do at that point. like you i'm an old hippie, comfortable in the company of other old hippies. it is a revelation to find there are so many of us. i have thought about communal living for many years, or at least, a modified communal living situation (e.g., separate small houses, communal centers, shared responsibilities...) and would like to find such a situation. it is great hearing all your stories!

I lucked into this blog by typing in "Best Places to live for Boomers, liberal, music, arts".
(I am a professional musician for 40 years. Single, female and a tad over 60)

I'd like to share locations I have experienced, to add to the conversation about "where to live?"

I'm hoping to visit Asheville and Chapel Hill this summer. It seems to be a popular retirement place for Miami Boomers who have had it with the climate and population swell.

I loved the Berkshires, lived in Gt Barrington for 2 years. Very conscious and even have their own currency to "keep it local". But winters are too rugged for these bones.

I built an adobe house south of Tucson, AZ in the 1990s. Grey water system, solar passive, adobe block. But, with small kids it was too far from many services that became important. The 116 degrees in summer wasn't as bad in the shade. Deep wells are needed.

I've been in Miami for 3+ decades-South FL, the coasts are showing evidence of sea level rise, we are on limestone and the drinking water aquifer will be affected by salt water intrusion at some point. Sandbagging doesn't help when water rises up through the porous limestone.
The flooding on Miami Beach is in evidence already at King Tide time and at full moons so I look at the projected rise on all of FL coastline.

Thing is, it's no longer just 700 people per day moving to Florida, it's now reported at 1000! Per day!
Traffic has gotten increasingly worse over the years and I am feeling hemmed in. The drivers are from all over and seem to think US driving laws are optional.

The current governor (Scott) is ignoring climate change, fracking may be up on the agenda. We have an old nuclear power plant south of Miami and the Everglades to protect from agri industry.

The heat and humidity are relentless..in 2015 it was 8 months of non stop air-conditioning!

Looking for my tribe of conscious, liberal artist types in a better climate. The Astro Cartography readings are very interesting.
Hope there will be more shared info here. Good luck everyone!

Thanks for the posts! I think we'rd going to have to create our own. The trouble is hippies had rather be having fun than developing retirement homes for other old hippies. Bummer.

I am in mylate 60s and most definetly one of the old original hippies. I sincerely wish that some of the compassion and lack of self centeredness that existed in the 60s ,prevailed today. Where can an old hippie reside in the northeast to connect with others who have a similar mind set and a similar heart set? Windy

Originally from Greenwich Village NY. Looking for somewhere - let me know if you know anyplace. Just got terminated because of an injury so it was all of a sudden. I'm 61 and want out of frozen Ohio.

Any updates on this? I am 63 love to travel and am selling my place in CA and want to live somewhere would love to stay in CA but so expensive. I am in burbs of SF. Looked at retirement community but felt lonely just being there not my kind of place..more like a prison though very pretty seemed so contrived like they have activities and many are younger oldies as my ex mother in law used to say around 50 and some are old oldies. You can't get through even to look at the place without a real estate agent. Single status now last relationship was the opposite of spontaneous lasted way too long but we hung on then finally it died. We tried. So grown kids married around here would like to be close to them but got to keep what I have.

it's 2016 now and did not see any new postings. Hope everyone is still alive and if any new ideas. MY suuggestion would be to keep the newest on top so the most recent info is on top.
I would be very interested in a community with different types of boomers and others too so we dont get too caught up in ourselves, that causes brain shrinkage New blood is good! Different ideas are good. If Donald Trump is President well even more so.

My IDEA would do have a little town of cluster houses, gardens and allow solitary as well as community times. No forced anything. We are introverts, extroverts, and combination of both.

Move out of the USA. You will find expat conclaves of aging and often talented retired people who want more of what America isn't in wonderful cultures. I know you re freaked out regarding a new language etc. but check out parts of Mexico and central America, Portugal, Vietnam, thailand etc. Go ahead live a little!

My name is Doug Robertson 55 yrs. young lol--- I guess I was a hippie but I felt I was to high strung to be a real laid back hippie, my friends swear I am a hippie I strongly admired the hippie beliefs. Fight oppression with freedom of speech , take care of yourself, the earth, your elderly neighbors and make then feel like they belong in our new hippie culture of the 60's and 70's ----80's A hippie culture that shadowed out our parents culture....We never intended to drown out the older generation just inspire and add spark to there existence and that was so much needed in the day....I thought of this 25 years ago after morning the lost of the culture we grew up in (fighting oppression and war) We need hippie retirement homes and communities. It would be nice to have an exciting different end(no pun intended lol ) to our hippie existence. A hippie nursing home culture will spread across this land I hope and believe :) P.S. I came up with a name for my hippie retirement home 10 yrs. ago---its called
"RAINBOZEND" you can checkout(die) but you can never leave..

Ok, we'll join all of you. The big question is...Where? Right now we're in NJ. Yes land of high taxes and Chris Christie. Of course we want out. My wife and I are living in the suburbs across the river from Philly. Our current digs are a 1953 Mid Century Atomic Ranch in a beautiful neighborhood with old growth trees and a creek running next to our property. We've furnished it in period furnishings. Its a great place to live. Thought we might retire here, but our 860 sq ft ranch sitting on 1/4 acre has a tax bill of $5400 per year. Ouch. Anyway, we're thinking about a vintage mobile home in a cool artist hippie community. Of course we have our list of wants....warmer climate that is not Florida, dog friendly, 420 friendly. It would be great to have some raised bed gardens to grow veggies. Like minded souls. I'm a 60 year old artist/ art professor/ jam band musician. My wife will be retiring in a few years from being a 2nd grade teacher. She is still a Deadhead and was a tour rat back in the day. So while I've seen a lot of friends in the same quest, I've only seen a few suggestions as to places to check out. We're especially thinking about cool mobile home parks, but will consider just about anything, as its more about being with like minded folks. Thoughts?

I see this has gone dry over the past year..................I am still looking.
I have to have a place to live someday.............

I am Dan and I want to start a non-profit retirement home for hippies and I have a friend that is a doctor who is an old hippie and not quite ready to retire but back of a bit and he's told me that if I can get this up in running it will start in Colorado so that people who want to smoke they can and those who don't can mind their own business keep in mind that this is a dream now but I really hope I could help people by doing this also a must is a community center away from the homes so that there is no problem with others bothering others by noise at any time because I like to nap but I am praying that one day this will fall through I hope for ideas to be posted to me my email is [email protected]

I'm totally in the same boat! I'd love to find a retirement community here like you are describing!

oh yeah, just the site i"m looking for. some friends of mine and I are in the "lets do this thing" stage and it is appropriate that we will once again be charged with forging our new earth view. maybe it is better that there are not blueprints for structure, although those with the gold like to make the rules. i would like to be kept abreast of emerging thinking in the group mind as we all stroll forward into the next chapter. Thanks , Bill from Fayetteville

I am turning 62 and just recently have wondered where is my hippy community. I like the idea of communal living a this stage of my life. I think the transition would be very smooth. Once I go on SSI, I would like to be involved with a social community. be it spiritual, self-sustaining, or both. I think it's an awesome idea.

So, has anyone found these ideal places? They need to be organized by younger people who don't understand what we want. And there is the problem.

Is anyone having any luck finding a place?

was post sit,... have to go to work

I must be aging differently. I am going on 69 and retired a few years ago, but didn't really change much. I only want a few things. My two beautiful old dogs, a couple of glasses of wine every night. and friends with whom I can sit around a firepit, talk, laugh, drink wine (or smoke pot or both), and tell funny life stories. I don't care if I live in a house, or an RV or camper. I want a few stars in the sky at night And I climate I can enjoy. I just want to really enjoy my retirement. I am thinking about Mexico because I can't seem to find that in the U,S. Wish I could.

I love this idea. Love it. Let's get started. Who's in????

I am another "retired" clinical social worker. Seems like quite a few of us are in the helping professions...

I have been looking for my place in the world for quite awhile. I have been in the SF Bay Area since I was 20 (now 63) but it no longer is the place it was nor do I want to stay here; the energy is too acquisitive.

I have explored a number of places from Quartzite to coastal towns to my hometown in upstate New York to New Mexico to Arizona. I know I want a fairly year round warmer climate so that rules out the north. I have aging hippie friends who live in upstate New York, New Mexico, Greece, Provincetown and Lake Chapala in Mexico. I anticipate going to Lake Chapala to explore the lifestyle. I have saved some money over the years, not a lot, and I hear from my friends that it is very affordable there. In addition, there is a "culture" which give the place character. I also intend to visit my friend who is living in Greece.

I too do not want to end up in an orange pleather chair being "case managed". The emphasize on death and disability for those who are older dismays me as does the characterless senior communities that cater to us. Let's try to make it different for us and for those who follow!

Keep me posted as to what you are doing to this end and I will update you

I'm living in Charlotte NC (just moved here and can't wait for my lease to expire June 1st, 2017) to move out. I need companionship, cool things to do, rest periods, partying (modestly perhaps, perhaps not) gardening, access to sensual sensitive females, intellectuals, good cooks, lighter diets, People who will watch my back as I will watch theirs. Great 70's music lovers, fellow musicians, friends and did I mention sensual sensitive females? Besides some arthritis, every thing still works.

2016 This may be too late now. I am in Vermont and love it but I have no playmates. For some reason the only options are 55 plus places that are trailer housing with grandparent types ( think of embroidered sweatshirts and stickers that say ' my grandchild is an honor student' or extended care facilities. ) Seriously Vermont is forward in so many ways except housing. I picture a community similar to my real skiing days and where there is a place to be alone when needed, but also to party and have fun. I have the vision and know that boomers will be on the same wave. Where are you guys?? my only bummer is arthritis which is putting limits on me but I am looking for you all!

Just saw this page. What has happened to your ideas, and other peoples ideas since you originally posted this. Would love to see an update to your situation. October 08,2016

I am 66 going on 12, pacifist, semivegetarian, get around in my power wheel chair. I currently live in a low income retirement community where I have earned the title of the resident hippie. In truth there is not a single person who understands me. I would love to live in a warmer place among like minded people.

]I would love to find such a place. I'm 68 and in good health, strong and fit for my age. For me the important consideration is finding a place with people I can relate to intellectually and politically. My biggest concern is that I have a very limited income of $1300 a month Social Security. So it is a big ask to find something suitable that I can afford! I have been traveling and living abroad for the last 14 years, and I am starting to get lonely and in need of a community.

Have you found something, still looking, or making plans? I would love to hear what you have learned.

I've been reading all of these blogs (they are old). Only one address near Gainesville was given. Has anybody come across any ideas? We don't have to live commune, but same neighborhood would be really nice! Where does one get current comments on this site? thanx

How about Virginia>? 4 seasons, not too extreme, or Maryland which is a blue state with legal pot.

Hi I'm from UK came on line looking for somewhere for my X husband who has start of dementia but still thinks he's the handsome god he was at 40 & doesn't see the harm in anything he says or does but then he never did My daughter who's had to rescue him from his burning house is adamant he's not going in care So hence why I came on line I had typed aged hippy retirement UK but this one is first
I know he loves heat hotter the better hates cold born in Canada might have done it ! All he wants is to walk around naked 😂 eat burgers & watch Jeremy Kyle god love him cause my daughters are starting to not 😢 I live in hope his final days can be happy along side people who can cope with him 🙏🏻 I may have to step back in & forget all the bad days this is a great hook up for you folk in US good luck happy hunting ground for you all

I know that chapel hill is one place that we old hippies can call a resting ground and the weather is milder but I have yet to visit so its' all hearsay. I'd love any ideas that you have about other places/cities states to look into. I'm crazy for the beach too but putting that all on my wish list may be too much to ask for. But. hey what the hell. Let's dream big :-)

Posted by: shulamit | July 03, 2014 at 07:16 AM

I was wondering if the above author was referring to Chapel Hill North Carolina.

Check out Firefly Creek Ranch near Guthrie Center, IA on Facebook

Love all the feedback and enjoying the journey of discovery and amazing ideas on how to make the next stage an adventure and not a resting place and hope we all find a perfect space or spaces where people and kindness matter.

I think this applies to all Boomers, we are all looking for an alternative, something that challenges and provides excitement something we have to work at and learn from and is exciting.

My two pennies worth!

Well , I'm glad I googled, Where do the Hippies go to live in 55+ living? I wasn't really expecting to see anything on it. But Hallaluja, I am thrilled to see that I'm not the only one. I will be 60 in August. And I too feel like there's got to be somewhere for those of us , where the homeowner thing just got to be too much, & if your single & dare I say it, (a woman), I got SO TlRED of getting ripped off by lawn guys, contractors, and handy men who promise you the moon, "Be here first thing Monday morning! And after some sob story as to why they needed the money up front, you never see them again. So I went and lived in 55+ living down in Houston TX, my birthplace, although, I been in the Austin & surrounding Hill Country for 29 years. And SO Far, in all of my research, it is just as you described in that dvd. Ho, Hum! There was no chance of even hearing Proco Harem or Yes, much less, Zep, Pink Floyd or even Prince. Yes, I was still whooping it up in the 80's, but my most favorite and truly diversified was, Leon Russell. God Bless Him. I want to be able to live in a place where I can hear, "It's been a long time since I rock and rolled" or " Everythings is gonna be, is gonna be, is gonna be All Right Now!! But I don't want to be alone. I volunteered to take a turntable and my Parent's albums to the local assisted /retirement living and just play the older stuff, and volunteered to see if we could get them to maybe dance a little. But it turned out it was the staff who were unmotivated. I used to teach dance & would still like to keep myself and others moving, it's much more fun with others. Although I can no longer leap through the air, My whole body, now dealing w/ RA, just does a lot better with movement. That place I lived in, had chair exercise classes w/no music. But it was just boring. If ya'll ever get anything going, Let me know plz. THERE IS A NEED FOR US BABY BOOMERS to have a 55+ living or assisted living place to go to( that has addressed that we were either born around the time of Vietnam or knew of somebody whose son's return was like waiting on pins and needles.) Art changed a lot around that time, and music, movies and fashion, the way we eat, talk, dance, EVERYTHING. So those who are in MARKETING FOR ASSISTED LIVING....Really need to watch Forest Gump and take notes. I would shit if I walked into 1 of these places and a Salvador Dali was above the receptionist's desk, but I would feel like I had found the right home.

I am age 58. Not a hippie but a free thinker period so much of what you all talked about is what I am looking for! It's been hard to find anything on the internet. Gainesville? A possibility! Has anyone found anything yet

Looking for same .age 58. Planning for the future! What's out there????

I totally agree.. my husband is 66 and I'm 58 and we are hip and interested in culture, music and the arts and as I google, I find the same results. The communities are not like minded folks that we could relate too! But there sure are plenty of us and we need a place!

Homes bigger then "tiny" but not bigger them motor home.. with Trees! And gardens! And flowers! And music! And art facilities! Craft brewery even! I'll help someone start and organize if you have the money and the place.. lets do this! I'm on east coast .. Maine, Rhode Island..

Like others here, I am in my 60's and was in the Haight during the 60's and lived at Morningstar Ranch and Wheeler's in Sonoma county and then made my home in the Bay area until moving to Alaska in 2006. I now a small house, but am interested in moving back to the pacific northwest, Portland or Vancouver washington, maybe Northern California. I have often lived in community and think that group owned land with community space and tiny homes would be an upgrade from the cabins and treehouses of our youth. people are building co-housing complexes, I like having my own space within a community of people. Anyone else thinking along these lines? I would love to be part of a dialogue about creating or joining a community like this.

So I'm 63 in body but 25 in spirit. This post has been around for a few years now and I'm wondering if this idea ever took off? I am seriously looking, am collecting SS now and just want to be with good hearted, likeminded people. I'm not materialistic, have a kind heart, love animals, love (most) people and love God, but not religious. I have 3 rescue cats and a little rescue chiweenie. Where is my place? Where is my tribe? Are you out there?

Consider Mexico...I live in a small town 20 miles north Puerto Vallarta. Medical care, weed and beer are all reasonable (cheap), weather is perfect all year around (except some sissies don't like the high humidity in the summer.). In the evening I usually share a cocktail and a toke with any one of a dozen neighbors (we don't talk politics, religion or health issues) or I take a sunset walk and swim at the beach with my dog. Most nights there is a club with a live band where you will find a group of 60-somethings, 70-somethings and 80 somethings dancing up a storm with their 40-something children and 20-something grandchildren. Neighbors look out for each other and if and when I need it a full time caregiver it will cost me about $400-$500 a month.

so ...i guess this is why there are still no hippy retirement communities... all dreams and no actions. in our new #45 world, starting to look at europe for potential escape.

i just found this string....my story is in all of yours....please tell me you all gathered and started a place!!! I am looking for home!!! ....any assistance would be appreciated...namaste'

I'm coming way late to the game here, but has anyone found their ideal "aging hippie community"? I'm helping someone do a blog about just this kind of thing--the need for community, the turning away from convention, seeking an authentic life.... I'd love to do something about this blog thread and any communities you may have discovered. Thanks, and happy seeking!
Amy Woods Butler

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