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November 17, 2013


Yeah!! I agree with you. It is making me sick how judgemental people are towards Dave. I am in law enforcement, and I see struggles everyday. Mental health is such a misunderstood problem with everyday people. Even if it does turn out that he was under the influence of a substance, it is a daily battle. One is never "recovered" from addiction, they are FOREVER "recovering."

Where are you getting "off his meds" and "having a mental breakdown"? Oh, that's right, it's coming from Dave Dahl's high-priced attorney. I'm sure he doesn't have an agenda here...

No doubt we can all stand to have more compassion in our reactions to and dealings with our fellow human beings. One significant difference, and therefore problem, with the heart attack or cancer v. mental illness analogy is that the former rarely poses a threat to others while with the latter, who knows? Threats (or perceived threats) are, at least in my experience, difficult to respond to compassionately in the moment. One would, of course, hope for better now.

Poor, poor Dave. He's a victim.

My a*s.

katie, the Oregonian reported that "mental breakdown" were words uttered by the woman who called 911. Since she had firsthand knowledge of how Dahl was acting, and knew him, this is meaningful.

The Blue Oregon post I linked to has many comments about Dahl that you should read. Here is one of them:
Mike Lindberg · President at Retired Portland City Commissioner

I know someone who knows him well..This was a mental health incident..probably due to a lack of taking medication..I heard that yesterday..but when I saw the Oregoni9an today I felt sick..knowing that the reporting was immedidate without the research into the causes.....

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