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August 08, 2013


Marijuana was made a class 1 drug because the principle users in the 1970s where Hispanics and African Americans. This would make it easier to put these ethnic groups in jail. Looking at the current prison ethnic distributions it was very effective.

Gupta says marijuana "doesn't have a high potential for abuse."

--I disagree. For those with whom marijuana "clicks" it often becomes a habit and, as with any drug, habitual (abusive) use has its undesirable side effects though not near as bad as hard drugs or alcohol.

My son is a stoner. He smokes day in and day out. I think it has altered his personality and it is a cop out for him. I think because of weed's effects he has not taken advantage of some of his natural talents that he used to enjoy. He is touchy and irritable when he is not stoned. This is disappointing and sad for me.

Once in a blue moon I have taken a hit when he comes over but it doesn't do much good for me physically or mentally. I am much better off as I naturally am these days, but back in my teen years it was a different story. I smoked all the time. It didn't do me any good. I would turn left at the crossroads near my high school. The left turn took me straight to the coast highway instead of into the school. I was a surf bum drop out. I was Spicoli more than a decade before the movie was made. It took a while to get my act together and take realistic responsibility for my life.

I hope my son does the same or better.

So, do I think weed should be legal? I guess so. It probably should be regulated in some way like alcohol. Society needs to accept that there is another embedded intoxicant that is problematic for some individuals but usually not in a criminal way. Most people handle it OK, get on with their lives and don't overdo it. No doubt it helps some cope with illness or pain. Why deny them that?

It would be best, imo, if people could find enough wonder and pleasure in life without weed or other drugs. But that ain't gonna happen any time soon.

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