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August 20, 2013


Since the 60's trillions have been spent on welfare and the war on poverty. Fifty years later poverty rates remain the same as they were before the welfare state began, and, now in 2013, more people than ever before are receiving some kind of government assistance. It's a failure.

When/if Obamacare is fully implemented in all its glory we will still see thousands dying and millions going bankrupt. This is because you can't legislate a perfect world.

I believe the system that gives the greatest opportunity to the greatest number of people is true free market capitalism (not the crony capitalism we have today). Even then millions will go bankrupt and thousands will die. The difference being that they were at least free from the fetters of overbearing bureaucracy while on their way to the outcome of their lives.

There will be cronyism whether it be in the form of a controlling nanny government or the free market. Why not be free?

Please government, leave me alone and give me the freedom to succeed or fail according to my talents, initiative, and the immense ungovernable forces of nature and human nature that ultimately shape our lives.

Government, if you do that as well as spend within your means, keep law and order within, defend us from enemies without, keep the infrastructure intact, I will be happy to pay a reasonable flat tax or consumption tax to keep you operating as a servant of the people and not the lord of them.

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