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July 19, 2013


Bottom line for me is if a big black man with a gun followed and then shot to death a white unarmed teen would he have gotten off completely by an all white jury?

This makes it all so clear to me.

It's amazing that so many people who were not at the crime scene or the trial have such an absolute lock on the truth. All of the jurors must have been racists, too - and the equally racist prosecutors and defense attorneys ensured that this be the case during the voir dire. Oh yeah - and that racist judge was specially assigned to this slam-dunk farce.
And Zimmerman, of course, was just aching to dispatch a black kid in the hope that his actions would eventually lead to the obsolescence of neighborhood patrols by scaring the guacamole out of idle youth.

Absurd, right? Nope. These are the implicit assumptions of nearly every person who disagrees with the verdict.

No one will ever know the "truth". Zimmerman got away with murder - which is not so unusual, if you think about it.

Reasonable doubt is the technicality that allowed the not-guilty verdict. The prosecution could not prove what was not simply obvious beyond doubt.

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