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June 23, 2013


Go get 'em Brian. Can't wait to hear what is in those emails!

Jim, the public records include emails and other documents. They don't paint a pretty picture of how the Public Works Department goes about its business, that's for sure.

Of course, that won't be a surprise to you -- with your Third Bridge involvement.

I'm going to analyze the records systematically. Probably I'll write separate blog posts on different aspects of the US Bank tree killing debacle, using the documents to flesh out what was already known about how poorly this issue was handled by the City of Salem.

Then I'll aggregate those findings into a summary report of sorts to the Mayor, City Council, City Manager, and Shade Tree committee. If we truly do have "public servants" at work, they will be interested in how to prevent the public interest from being trashed like it was in the US Bank tree removal decision.

Wow, that corner really looks hard and horrible compared to what it was with those trees. Why? I never understand why people want to do this.

To be mayor one needs the endorsement and financing of the Chamber of Commerce.

Did unofficial mayoral guidance play a role in the removal of these trees?

I drove past the bank yesterday morning giving my mom a ride to the BofA. We couldn't believe how stark and bare it looks now. This is an outrage...as a Downtown State St business owner I can't believe I wasn't notified of this huge change and did not have the opportunity to at least vote on the decision. How about a small hearing for business owners and the public to express their concerns or ask questions about a big decision like this??? Can I have the City of Salem cut down the tree in front of my building if wanted? Not that I want to but think about what it would be like if that were the case....well, looks like it is the case. Maybe there's a minimum annual gross income you need before the city jumps at your command. People! Speak out about this! Be vocal! We can't just let those 5 trees be forgotten or this is gonna happen again...maybe not trees. Could be a park next time. Hey people...not all business owners are in the same side!! This is BULLSH*T!!

Jim Normandy
Normandy Guitars
217 State St
Salem, OR 97301

Jim, man, I like your style. And your outrage.

Don't worry, I'm not going to let those trees be forgotten. My mission, and I'm going to accept it, is to publicize how US Bancorp kills trees and destroys bird habitat for no good reason.

I'm about to email the three US Bank executives I've been communicating with about this issue (one-way communication, actually; they never respond). I want to give them one last chance to offer up One Good Reason why they wanted to remove the five large, healthy, beautiful trees.

If they don't reply, I'll tell them that this will be interpreted as meaning "We don't have a reason." If you, or anybody else, wants to tell them how you feel about US Bank killing the five trees for no good reason, here's their email addresses:

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

Did you get the revolution started yet?

mama zubi, I sure hope so. It feels like it, though I don't take responsibility for what's been happening in Salem since I wrote this post. Lots of people are fed up with the B.S. at City Hall.

An attempt to unilaterally install parking meters in the downtown district was met with an initiative petition signed by 9,000 people. That put an end to the parking meter nonsense.

Resistance to an unneeded, unwanted, and unpaid-for third bridge across the Willamette has been fierce. This waste of taxpayer money is going nowhere fast. It won't be dead until it is, but things don't look good for this boondoggle.

Citizens rose up against an attempt to take over part of Riverfront Park for a private access road to an apartment complex. That No Way! led to a Better Way -- a revised development plan that is much better.

Currently the City of Salem wants to spend $80-90 million on a new police facility and Civic Center renovations that can be built for tens of millions less. So far the Mayor and other City leaders aren't paying attention to the Better Way. But if they don't, and soon, their big bucks bond measure will go down to a resounding defeat.

So, yes, the revolution here in Salem is going well. Now we just need to vote out the palace guard.

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