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June 03, 2013


I think you don't know your a** from hole in the ground ,thats about as much fact as what your column you wrote has,I can guarantee you live in a city and have no rural life experience! Heres my question for you,how can ODFW accurately count cougars ? One more just for kicks, if you truly luv wildlife, why would you want species that devastates all the others?

Tony, you're wrong. I grew up in a very rural area of central California, in the foothills of the Sierras near Sequoia National Park. No cougars there. But a lot of rattlesnakes, which I learned to respect, but not fear.

Currently I live in rural south Salem. Cougar kills (of deer) are sometimes found near our house. Cougars also are sighted occasionally. I go for walks at night with our dogs, even when a cougar kill has been spotted.

Again, I'm not afraid of cougars. No one ever has been killed by a cougar in Oregon, and few in the United States. Dogs and people are much more dangerous than cougars.

cougars are overly populated in oregon where i live ther have been 7 trapped in the last year. there has to been people killed in oregon by a cougar. they do hurt livestock and take away the ranchers income.

How does it affect you if i use a pack of dogs to humanely persue and harvest a cougar? Has does that have any impact on your life? Do you hunt? If you dont why should you have a say in the matter? You are un-educated on the matter, all you know is the details and propaganda that the animal actiavist throw around. I challenge you to go to a state that allows hound hunting and go on a guided hunt, and then you can have a say in the matter. Its people like you that have created this upside down liberal america, are fore fathers are rolling in there graves.

I hope you understand that almost all votes are decided by the Liberals in Portland and Eugene so you yuppies in your cities have no clue what is going on in the woods. I don't care that you go and pursue your hobbies but for some reason you Liberals think you have the right to push your opions and anti-liberty ideas on all of us. We the hunters bring more money into the state and are the biggest pro conservation group in the country. But all animals to stay healthy and to not have an imbalance of predators or prey they need to be hunted to healthy sustainable levels.
But unfortunately due to complete incompetence on your part and all liberals the deer and elk populations are dropping every year and FYI hunter success is only around 13% so hunters are not the cause. I can only hope that when not if a cougar takes a human life it will be you.

You are such an uneducated piece of work! Cougars are an apex predator, they have no other animal to kill/manage them. And if you think in your small little brain that humans are managing them properly. You need to do plenty more research! Cougars are the MOST ELUSIVE animal in the 50 states. They kill large numbers of ranchers livestock yearly. PLEASE go educate yourself before you put your uneducated, brainless slander on the internet. You are the type of people who are ruining the outdoors! You probably like the wolves too, you jagaloon!
Please just go to the WSU Large Carnivore Lab webpage and do some self educating. And then go to the Oregon Dept of Fish and Wildlife page and look up how many horses, sheep, cattle, etc. are killed each MONTH by cougars! EDUCATION is key. You completely lack it!!
Good day!

Michelle, actually my wife and I are quite familiar with research on cougars and livestock predation. Cougars pose little risk to humans, and are responsible for a very small share of livestock losses.

You should head to the Predator Defense web page about cougars and learn the truth about top predators. See:

And yes, you're right: we love wolves also.

Last week a cougar plucked my dog out of our fenced backyard and killed him in broad daylight. There have been increased sightings of cougar in my area. Many reports of livestock being killed and missing pets. In fact, just a few months ago a cougar was spotted at the elementary school. I know you say there are no reports of people in Oregon being killed by a cougar but it is only a matter of time.
Hound hunting is the only way that cougar would have been found. For now he/she is able to roam free and keep attacking. Hopefully the attacks do not escalate to children.
It is not irrational hysteria when you are personally effected by a cougar attack. And please spare me the bull of, "it's just a dog." Our dog meant the world to us and losing him has been devastating.
Just because cougars do not give you problems personally does not dismiss the severity of their effect on others. I presume you are coming from a place of compassion towards the cougar, but given the chance, a hungry cougar would likely go for your jugular.

Emily, obviously hungry cougars don't try to kill people, or they would have already. But, as I'm sure you've noticed, people kill people frequently. Dogs also kill other dogs frequently -- much more often than cougars do.

So if you're really concerned about people being killed, the solution is to get rid of people. Likewise, if you're really concerned about dogs being killed, the solution is to get rid of dogs. Neither, of course, makes sense.

I'm sorry that your dog was killed. I assume you are sure it was a cougar, and not, say, a coyote. That's tragic.

Where I part company with you is when you say cougars have a "severe" effect on others. Actually, they don't. Livestock kills by cougars and wolves, for example are minuscule compared to losses for other reasons -- disease, weather, coyotes, and such.

We demonize cougars and wolves because we don't understand the truth about them, and the many benefits they bring, environmentally and ecologically.

I just lost 2 alpaca and a sheep to a cougar this very week. Confirmed by a USDA Federal trapper. I don't care if they have or haven't killed people here, they are still a threat to my kids who like to go exploring in my woods. And the dang thing didn't even eat much of its kill. What a waste!! We should be allowed to use any means necessary to kill a predator that causes us loss. Period.

Brian, your dead right, letting counties decide thier own fate would be disastrous and who knows what the consequences would be. I can only imagine. I too consider the consequences in Oregon being one of the States to legalize a Federally controlled substance. Maybe States should not be allowed to overturn Federal laws either! Bunch of Hippocrates as I see it.

I can see that you are really passionate about this topic. But your facts are off in la la land. You believe you know what you are talking about is set and stone. But are complete way off base. Have you ever been hunting before? Well from your responses and your article surely proves that you haven't. Well let me tell you about what the real truth about hunting with dogs. We use are dogs to help track and find our game. So just for enlightenment, I will break down Cougar hunting before this bill came out. Our dogs would like I said track and find a cougar, and then chase the cougar up a tree. (The dogs don't touch or harm the cougars) They just sit at the tree and bark at the cougar until we arrive at that location. Then we shoot the cougar. That is the real truth behind cougar hunting. There is no dogs hurting or injuring the cougar. Hopeful this will help you next before you go spouting your mouth about a subject. Actually ask people next time who have had experience with hunting game animals, or in any other subject. Also because of this bill the population of cougar has sky rocketed because you and several other people vote for a law that did not need to be made. So in reality you caused all of this mess to happen. Are you happy know? Thank you and have a great day.

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