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March 31, 2013



Since you have not, as yet, received any comments on this post I am providing one so you won't feel disappointed and start to fret and wring your hands. However, I have nothing to add on this topic to what I have said before.

Even though we disagree on many political topics to the point that I feel like shaking you until you wake up and you might feel like doing the same to me, I am wishing that you have a blast out there. Just don't vote! ;)

"Thankfully, the influence of global warming deniers appears to be shrinking steadily."

Here's something from Huffpo "Recent polling conducted by the Pew Research Center suggests that a greater number of people in the U.S. are accepting the reality of climate change.... Yet only 42 percent say this warming is "mostly caused by human activity," according to Pew."

That means that 58% do not believe that human are responsible. I'd say the influence of global warming deniers is not shrinking steadily at all.


AS PREDICTED? The Non-Skeptical Science people should actually read The Economist article they pretend to refute. The inconvenient truth is not only aren’t global temperatures rising as predicted, they’ve already fallen below the 25-75 percent confidence interval that climate consensus models projected. Global temperatures are poised to fall below the 5-95 percent confidence range as well.

If global temperatures were rising as predicted, Non-Skeptical Science wouldn’t have to keep trotting out a defensive “escalator” animation year after year after year to distract from the failed climate consensus prediction of an elevator heading skyward.

The Economist article clearly states that the flat warming trend of the last 15 years is a puzzle to be solved but does not mean human caused climate change is not real.

Joe, the puzzle has pretty much been solved. See:

Global warming has continued in the oceans. Global warming caused by humans has continued -- obvious when other temporary natural factors like volcanic activity are factored out.

There doesn't seem to be any doubt: human caused global warming is happening; it hasn't slowed down; anyone who doubts this isn't paying attention to the facts.

Did you even bother to read the article in The Economist? "Over the past decade the long-term rise in surface seawater temperatures seems to have stalled (see chart 2), which suggests that the oceans are not absorbing as much heat from the atmosphere" from the NOAA pacific marine environmental laboratory chart in the article. More research is clearly needed to discover all of the "shades of grey" facts to the long term puzzle of Climate anomalies-being closed minded or cherry picking facts that suit your world view will only limit your understanding.

Joe, did you even read the Skeptical Science link? Ocean temperatures are on a steady rise. If you don't believe that web site, believe the EPA:


"Sea surface temperatures have been higher during the past three decades than at any other time since reliable observations began in 1880 (see Figure 1)."

"Sea surface temperature increased over the 20th century and continues to rise. From 1901 through 2011, temperatures rose at an average rate of 0.13°F per decade (see Figure 1)."

If you look at the chart on the EPA site, you'll see that temperature rises have apparently "stalled" repeatedly over the longterm rising period.

Global warming is long term. Looking at short term ups and down tells you little. Time to educate yourself about basic science, Joe.

Time will certainly tell how severe the effects of G.W. will be; however I seriously doubt the "worst-case scenarios" will come to pass-Mother Earth possesses an innate ability to heal herself!

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