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February 01, 2013


You'll find that almost all "alternative" subcultures have a set of norms and expectations just as stringent as any. Sad.

I wonder... Are you the guy I've seen boarding through Englewood the last few summers? I've loved watching hat guy go from new and tentative to clearly comfortable!

A longboard is on my todo list too!

Hey man, longboard on, as you like!! And that guy can go live in his boxy, structured conception of what he thinks is correct in the world of boards on wheels. Isn't it odd how so-called rebel cultures conform?..black leather bearded bikers, saggy pant gangstas (and skateboarders), long haired, beaded hippies, black garbed and pierced goths, etc.

We have extensive bike baths along the river beds here, but land paddlers such as yourself have not been seen yet by this writer. As rare as a dodo bird.

Maybe this is because of the quality of the pavement which varies from smooth and new to old and rutted...ruts deep enough to catch a longboard wheel and send the rider flying like a dodo bird which I believe did not fly very well.

I ride a bike very conventionally, upright as a tent stake because my lower back, injured from too many horse riding wrecks and miles run on foot, will not take the streamlined position of the multi-colored speedsters who pass me like hawks leaving a dodo behind. But I enjoy it. I'm not trying to get to where they are going.

It's good to hear that theres another paddle longboarder out there, i dabble in it occasionally. Check out my website on longboarding at http://fcsurfandskate.com and tell me wat u think :)

No, I don't live in southern California. I live in Salem, Oregon. But my daughter lives in Studio City. My dream is to take a longboard and Big Stick with me to visit her, then head to the "Mecca" of Venice Beach or Newport Beach.

I've received some heat myself but I'd say that skateboarders in general don't really hate on longboarders. It's only the ignorant kids who think that longboarders are just trying to tag along on the skateboarding culture to look 'cool'. The reality is that most skaters don't skate to look cool but to have fun.

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