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February 09, 2013


Of course you're absolutely correct. It's going to take time and effort to get this right, but the process is now officially underway.


Frank, I quickly looked over the article you linked to. Didn't want to waste my time reading every absurd word. With all due respect (which means I'm about to not give any respect to the article), it's full of errors.

One, no one is trying to take all guns away from Americans. By "no one," I mean anyone in a position to do so, or the vast majority of people holding any particular political opinion: conservative, liberal, whatever.

Quoting one comment on the Daily Kos is as absurd as quoting any of the "gun nuts" who have said that people need to have military style assault rifles to guard against a tyrannical government takeover of our liberties.

I'm sure you don't believe that. Most responsible gun owners don't (I'm one of them, a responsible gun owner). But a few gun owners do. By the logic of the article, we should assume that if one gun owner talks crazy extreme unpatriotic treasonous talk, we should be worried that this is a mainstream position.

Two, areas with strict gun control laws, like Chicago, can't control guns coming in from areas with loose laws (like Indiana). So it is meaningless to compare gun violence statistics for local areas. Entire states is better. Entire countries is even better.

And the data show that states with stronger gun control laws have fewer gun deaths. Data also show that countries with stronger gun control laws have fewer gun deaths. This includes Canada and Australia.

Three, there isn't any connection between dependency on government and wanting to save lives needlessly lost to gun violence. As noted in this post, about ten times more people die each year because of guns than died on 9/11. Each year.

Why don't we act to save those lives as energetically as we took action after 9/11? A life is a life. A "culture of life" would be concerned about the United States' way-higher rate of gun deaths compared to other advanced nations.

If that article represents mainstream NRA-type thinking, it's no wonder we're in the gun-mess that we're in. The article is both factually wrong and logically incoherent.

Ted Nugent, right wing rocker, environmentalist, gun and hunting enthusiast, blasts (pun intended) Piers Morgan, gun control advocate. Bear with a 15 second commercial:


In 2011, the last year for official data on this in the U.S.,

323 people were murdered by rifles (which would include semi-auto assault rifles).

496 people were murdered by blunt force trauma (hammers, clubs, pipes, etc.)

--Fox news source

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