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February 25, 2013


Yes I totally agree! This sign is terrible. I work downtown and as I watched the progress I kept thinking, this cannot be. Surely the city wouldn't allow such a thing! It is the perfect example of TACKY I've ever seen! We recently had a family gathering that brought everyone back to Salem and the one thing that EVERY single person brought up, how horrific that sign is! It is an abomination! Quite unforgivable and I can't believe that the city approved it. Can't help but scratch my head...it needs to go.

Is there any way to demand a change? I don't even know how to get a campaign for that started but the longer it's up the more likely it will be there to stay.

This horrible tasteless sign is making our downtown mall look cheap and defaced. In South Salem! We have startied a movement to boycott this store location, everyone is talking about it, we don't know if the Ross for Less store is listening.

Please post a phone number for information regarding joining in on a boycott in the Itemizer newspaper. I consider this a high priority.
The sign is disgusting and does not respect the good tastes of many many Oregon citizens, including those who have moved here within the last 10 years. I have always admired the culture here. The sign is an insult to Oregon's culture.

mary cosgrove, my phone number is available on White Pages: Brian Hines, Salem. You could email me at the address in the right sidebar. Yes, the sign is horrible. Every time I drive past it, I think "so ugly..."

You obviously have a lot of time on your hands because this seems like the biggest waste of time EVER. It's a sign. For a good store. Please grow up

Christopher, actually I'm a very busy guy, who is constantly doing important things. Like, trying to keep downtown Salem from looking like a trashy suburban strip mall.

Lots of other people detest that Ross Dress for Less sign also. It's a really bad business decision. They'll never know how many customers they're losing because of that sign monstrosity.

Not that I feel sorry for them.

As for growing up, I'm freaking 64! I just got my Medicare card, though I'm not eligible yet. I hope to never grow up, because that would mean I've stopped growing.

I seriously can't believe all the people who are complaining about a sign that actually isn't that tacky and yes it does stand out a little bit but a lot of businesses what there signs and stuff to stand out. plus if you have never been in a Ross dress for less, you can't put down the type of clothes in there, because I find top name brand stuff in there a lot but for cheaper than what you would find it at other places. I hate when people assume, and judge with out the experience. like the saying goes, "you can't judge a book by its cover"

I love Ross Dress For Less and have been really looking forward to the new location opening. I hadn't paid much attention to the new sign until now (too excited about the clothes), but now that you mention it, it is very tacky. That won't keep me from shopping there though... I hope Ross Dress For Less finds a way to make everybody happy, because I don't think the sign is enough to keep fans of the store away. It really is sad the way it overpowers the classy Salem Center lettering above it... I wish you all the best in working to get them to change it.

Signs are supposed to grab your attention. It's not tacky, it just has a white background. If you look at any other Ross, it is exactly the same. All Ross seems to have wanted to do is keep their logo instead of change it to fit every single type of building material it might happen to be on. If you really want to fix a problem in downtown Salem, help the homeless.
Honestly, downtown Salem has its nice areas but this is on the edge where really nothing is pretty anyway. Rite aid, car dealership, Keizer (lol)...

Find out which politician didn't object to the sign before it went up. He/she is either on the take or taken leave of their senses.

Visit our Facebook Don't Shop Ross

Cheap, large, loud, trashy sign, for a store that sells trashy clothes to cheap, large, loud, trashy women.

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