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February 19, 2013


The biggest "pro" issue that was left out was the jeopardy users place themselves into when they are subject to random drug testing that can reveal usage from up to 30 days. So when Marquis offers that its use is practically legal now, it is far from being a casually accepted in the workplace (in its latent form, of course not in an active form) as he seems to think. Plus, the misinformation that is pushed by the "reasonable suspicion" employer-sponsored management seminars suggests that individuals can be affected by MJ weeks after use due to these metabolites being released by fat cells. That claim is patently false, but it doesn't ever get questioned lest one appear supportive.

Too bad the Lars Larson clip couldn't have been cut. Where's the fairness doctrine when you need it?

I once heard a story about an overweight woman who had decided to stop smoking pot (for whatever reason). Several months after she had made the abstinence decision, she also decided to get really serious about losing weight. According to the story, her reward for trying to improve her life was a general discharge under honorable conditions (she was a WAC in the US Army) after failing a random drug screening due to detection of THC. She had completely stopped smoking marijuana several months before the test.

Either that story was a complete fabrication, or there is a modicum of truth to the ability of fat cells to store THC metabolites for long periods of time.

Be that as it may - I predict that Washington and Colorado will not even come close to the anticipated revenues derived from the taxation and dispensing of weed. $12 dollars per gram is the state of Washington's proposed price? All the stoners will be laughing their asses off as they fire up their hydroponically grown cannabis. The stuff costs more to kill than it does to grow.

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