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January 14, 2013



OK. There is global warming that is at least partly contributed to by greenhouse emissions. I mean, they can't even breathe in some Chinese cities lately.

So, what do you think realistically will be done about it? I mean even environmentalists keep buying unsustainable stuff manufactured using fossil fuels.

China and India are plunging head first into the industrial age and consumerism. That's, like, close to 3 billion people let alone everybody else except a few Kalahari bushmen and New Guinea highlanders.

It's almost like the point is devoid of practical significance. Humanity has made their bed and now they are going to have to lie in it. Probably the planet will go on its merry way in some altered form which it has done before through various catastrophic cycles, ice and warming ages.

And accordingly, homo sapiens and cockroaches will adapt.

I am in 100 percent alignment with tucson's take on this particular topic.
Perhaps my additional comments would be more appropriately expressed in Blogger Brian's Churchless blog; but, it would be interesting to see how many of the vociferous climate-change deniers are of the religious sort: if an autonomous, supernatural God created the planet, then by golly let's just let Him/Her/It take care of it.
If human beings are inextricably implicated in the global warming phenomenon, then, the solution to the "problem" - if it is indeed a problem - is to stop liberating carbon into the atmosphere. Fat chance of that ever happening. As individuals, we recuse ourselves of concern and leave it up to our fellow man to propose remedies for our problems. That's what politics is all about.

Nowhere near verbatim and almost certainly paraphrased, Harry Truman is alleged to have said: "I had two choices in life - to be a piano player in a whore house or become a politician. In truth there is not much difference between the two".

The Oregonian began its rightward drift when N. Christian Anderson was named publisher a couple of years ago. Anderson came up from an very right-wing paper in Orange County. I've noticed the change in both the news and editorial side. If I could wean myself away from my morning routine of coffee, newspaper and cat on my lap, I'd cancel my subscription immediately, even though I fear the day when we no longer have daily newspapers.

As for dealing with global warming, it's now too late to conserve our way out of this or convert to energy sources than don't produce CO2. We need to start seriously working on a geoengineering option that won't be worse than the warming. If we don't, some island nation is going to start shooting rockets containing sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere.

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