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January 16, 2013


Gun control doesn't make people safer, taming the mentally insane does.

Kyle, you're wrong. More guns equals more killings. More gun control equals fewer killings. This is a fact, based on what happens in countries with stronger gun control, and in states with stronger gun control. See:

Guns kill people. It's a fact.

Chicago has very tough gun laws yet the murder rate in that city is very high and out of control. More people were killed in Chicago last year than there were U.S. casualties in the Afgan war.

There are 300 million guns on the loose in the USA. Criminals and crazies are going to find a gun if they want one.

We are not going to discover the next mass killer before he performs his atrocity. If he can't get a semi auto rifle he'll get a semi-auto pistol. If he can't get that, he'll get a lever action rifle that holds nine rounds. If he can't get that he'll get a bolt action rifle that holds five rounds. When those guns run out of bullets he'll pull out the six shooter revolvers tucked into his waistband and reload them with speedloaders. When those are used up he can start slashing everyone with the sword at his side and then finish off everbody left standing with the bomb in his fannypack.

What is not discussed are the lives that are saved by people owning guns. I often see in the news about someone who defended their home and family with a gun or prevented a carjacking/robbery. In my locality someone accomplished just that with a semi-auto rifle. I don't remember if it was an AK or AR Bushmaster, or SKS or mini-14 or what. There are 4 million of those types of guns on the loose. What are you going to do? Gestapo them out of existence and in the process get many people killed?

Sometimes it takes more than one shot to stop a bad guy. Some bad guys have been shot multiple times and keep coming. Sometimes you miss the bad guy and have to keep shooting. People should have the right to defend themselves with a high capacity rifle if they so choose.

So now emotional anti-gunners would say that I want little children slaughtered. That's right...that I actually want dead kids strewn across the playground. Well, screw you and your hyperbole. That sort of event may upset me even more than you but I don't think anti-gun laws are going to solve the problem of mental illness and the culture of violence in this country.

I don't have an answer, but violent crime is actually down in this country by 23%. Maybe we can reduce that even more with very tough sentences for those who commit crimes with a gun...10 years for having a gun while commiting a crime. 20 years for pointing it at someone in a crime and life in prison for shooting it at someone whether you killed them or not.

But surprise attack psycho killers of children and movie-goers? I don't know how you will ever stop that. It's a grim reality like plane crashes and car accidents.

The NRA is not the problem here.

tucson, I doubt you apply the same logic you're using with guns to other parts of life. Such as auto safety.

By your logic, there is no reason to require air bags, seat belts, shatterproof glass, and all the other regulated things that make cars safer.

None of those things, or all together, stop traffic accidents/deaths entirely. But each does its part to make driving safer. Auto deaths have decreased markedly because of these regulations.

Clear evidence from other countries, and states within this country, with strong gun control laws shows that regulations also work to decrease gun violence. In Australia, for example, mass shootings went down to zero after semi-automatic weapons were banned.

Like Obama said: if we can save children's lives, we have to try. Look at what happened after 9/11. Again, by your logic the United States shouldn't have done anything: no TSA, no invasion of Afghanistan, no going after Al Qaeda. We just would have said, "Hey, terrorists always will find another way to fill us; no reason to try to stop them."


Few people argue that their right to self defense and constitutional rights are compromised by auto safety technology, so the public is generally happy with safer cars. Ob*ma sending a drone into a known terrorist plotter's man-cave is met with little opposition because most people recognise that we need to defend ourselves.

The USA is a different kettle of fish than other countries due to the 2nd amendment and a strong gun hobbyist culture. I don't know what would happen if we had gun laws like Australia but imo it would not solve the problem of crazy mass killings in this country which has precipitated this debate. Certainly strong gun laws have not stopped gun murders in Chicago.

As I described above, I think one feasible deterrent to gun crime is to punish gun criminals harshly..very harshly and universally in this country.

As for lunatic mass killers who have the time and inclination to plan an atrocity, I don't think there is any solution at all. Especially not one that doesn't infringe on good people's freedom, rights and privacy.

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