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December 21, 2012


Hi...! I was having SUCH fun 'strolling' around your blog. You're witty and that's ALWAYS a plus in my book. Loved your stories about Serena and your attempts to get her an 'underdog'...! My husband and I also have been challenged in that regard. However, we still LIVE WITH our little 4-legged challenge (laying quietly right now at my feet though earlier I had to get on my snow boots to go out and SILENCE her unlimited barks at heaven-knows-what...at 8AM...on a holiday morning... We'll be trying a 'socialization' class in February...wish us luck. We've had her now for 2 uh YEARS and she's STILL quite fearful around anyone/dog 'new', though she loves us and her 'overdog'. Sigh... Well, I liked your blog until I got to THIS post. I guess I just don't understand 'your' (and I'm using the term loosely as I'm generalizing to all those who actually VOTED for Obama...ugh...) continued unabashed bashing of 'all things Republican'. True, many NEED bashing, but HEY, personally I've HAD it with 'the Left's' idea that GOVERNMENT is 'the answer'. Uh, no it isn't. How you and those of your persuasion who can continue to countenance such a ludicrous idea is amazing to me. And yes, I am YOUR age, I've been around, like you. To me, too many of our population are like kids on credit cards...just more YAHOO!, get it NOW and just keep upping the 'credit limit'. Good heavens, my parents taught me to take responsibility for myself and those I love, and NOT to spend more than I make nor to spend money I don't have. Obama ought to try it. Thanks for reading and Happy New Year to you and yours.

Glenda, glad you enjoyed my blog -- even with my Dem leaning political sentiments.

I don't believe government always is the answer, but I do feel that Government is Us. It's how we act together as a community to achieve common goals.

Nothing wrong with that.

And please remember that we have a divided government. Every bit of government spending has to be approved by both R's and D's. If Republicans want the deficit cut, taxes have to go up, and spending has to go down.

Pretty simple. That is what Obama is calling for, so we're on the right track.

Anyway, it's more important that we have dogs in common, than politics in common. I enjoy politics, but I LOVE dogs.

Happy New Year back at you.

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