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November 13, 2012


It is time for the country to accept the prevalence of cannibis and regulate it similarly to alcohol. Enforcement is impossible, expensive and the jails are full of people, at great cost to the taxpayer, who are there soley for marijuana related crimes. The situation is ridiculous. Habitual cannibis use is not benign, but it is not nearly as destructive to lives and families as the hard drugs or even alcohol. Cannibis users tend not to be dangerous or belligerent under it's influence and many manage to work and hold down jobs while stoned. However, I would not like the pilot of my plane to load up on a couple bowls of 16% THC Diesel Skunk Indica before takeoff, so pilots and people in public safety positions will have to be tested. I don't like the idea of people driving on cannibis but they drive better, for the most part, than drunks. For some people cannibis really is medically helpful. Personally, I don't enjoy the effects of cannibis so I am not taking this position because I am a user.

It's time nationally, for sure, but I'm a little embarrassed by Oregon's rejection of Measure 80. Perhaps it was the way the measure was written where it created a state-run distribution system (similar to how alcohol is distributed today). But it is more likely that we have a stronger conservative bent than either WA or CO that still isn't ready to admit to reality (see our treatment of gay marriage).

But the question is how the feds will react. It really only requires that the Attorney General remove MJ off Schedule I (though there's a provision in the law that allows for the opportunity for public hearing, which the GOP would love to turn into a circus). It should be on the same list as alcohol (is that on a list?). The only other issue is whether international treaties require that we keep it controlled. At the least the current AG sees individual enforcement for possession/use consistent with state law as a low priority, though I would guess that he'll be unpredictable on supply chain enforcement even in those states.

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