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November 01, 2012


Obama wants to expand the role of government which seems to me like shooting yourself in the foot twice, given how much waste, mismanagement and inefficiency there is in most government run programs.

There is the economic theory that government spending stimulates the economy a la Paul Krugman and others but, without debating the pro's and cons of this theory, I assume this applies to governments that actually have money. With a $16 trillion+ debt for which the government has to print fiat currency and create bonds just to pay the interest, I don't think the USA falls into the category of a government that actually has money.

Now, Romney may be as fork-tongued as his opponent but at least he pays lip service to doing something about the debt. Obama pays lip service to that as well but the record indicates how much that means. Under his watch the debt has increased by $6 trillion in less than four years.

Why would we as a nation, in such dire economic arrears, facing the so-called "fiscal cliff" re-elect a proven irresponsible spendthrift?

At least the jury is still out on Romney. We don't know what he will do, although some believe he will encourage pollution, starvation, disease, pain and suffering for all but the rich who are evil by definition. After all, Romney is a proven murderer because we know of a woman who lost her health benefits and died when Bain Capital liquidated the insolvent company she was working for. It was never mentioned that her death occured several years after losing the benefits that the insolvent company would not have been able to pay for anyway.

Given Obama's record, the irony is that he is the one who will actually push granny off the cliff if we continue with current economic policy, or better, non-policy. A "nanny state" can only provide milk if there is milk in the teat...see Greece.

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