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November 09, 2012


I think R lost because he was not extreme enough. That is, he was not capable of extolling and articulating the virtues of conservative values in a way that gets the masses to understand and motivated to restore them. Here, I am not speaking of religious right or social conservatism, just plain economic-foreign policy conservatism. R is far from a charismatic which O surely is. Charismatics win.

Blogger B wrote: "I was nervous myself for several hours as I checked election returns on my television, iPhone, and computer, obsessively bouncing back and forth between MSNBC, Twitter feed, Daily Kos, NY Times iPhone app, and other..."

--No wonder you favor O. If my sources were mainly those outlets I probably would have applied for Axlerod's job.

Blogger Brian wrote: "yes, believe it; Obama is a moderate; just ask the many true liberals I know".

--Then you know some very radical people. O appears moderate compared maybe to one of his mentors such as George Marshall Davis, Saul Alinsky, or card carrying Maoists and Che Guevarra afficionados but he is not moderate, imnsho.

Although I have been suckered by an urban legend or two, my feelings about O mainly come from what I observe him doing, saying, as well as an intuitive, gut reaction coupled with knowledge of his personal history and influences. While many see what I see, others don't. That's what I don't get. I'm sure many would say the opposite which as Blogger B said is a big problem in this country. There is a huge chasm of perception.

Although all this may sound like sour grapes, it's not really. I'm just babbling as usual. In spirit, I've moved on...until O pisses me off again.

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