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October 04, 2012


Hey, except for the little 'chick down' coming out from under your helmet, you look pretty good! Have you tried going down your driveway yet?

Frank, I have a minor (well, a major) problem with stopping. Meaning, I can't. Not on a steep'ish downhill. These damn skateboards don't have brakes!

Dragging a foot, or a Big Stick, works OK for stopping on a slight incline. But more than that, and you need to know how to slide in one fashion or another by twisting the board sideways so the wheels skid rather than roll.

Someday I hope to learn how to do this. Stand-up sliding, along with a "speed check" (basically a short slide, then continuing on) are my dream techniques to learn. Until then, I'll stick to level and mild uphills/downhills.


Practice stopping by dragging your foot. Pivot so your whole body is facing forward, bend slightly at the knee of the leg you keep on the board and plant your foot firmly on the ground. Applying more pressure to slow down more, and vis versa. It takes a bit of getting used to. But its the easiest and safest way to stop. I downhill race and can slow down with foot breaking even when I'm going 60 MPH! As usual, practice makes perfect and good luck!

Trevor, thanks for the tips. Before I got into land paddling with a Big Stick on my longboard, I was more comfortable with foot dragging, even though I wasn't very good at it.

Now that I don't push with my foot any more, it feels strange to take a foot off the board to stop. Also, disconcerting at any sort of speed. I realize this must sound strange to a "traditional" long boarder, since for you standing on the board with one foot is commonplace.

Since I don't go down big hills, my inability to drag my foot or slide isn't a big problem for me. I'd like to be able to stop and slow down better, but at the speeds and slopes I frequent, dragging the Big Stick or just hopping off works pretty well for me.

I might do some practicing with foot dragging, though. Seems like I could combine it with dragging the Big Stick.

inspirational guys

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