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September 20, 2012


Think of all the energy use, resource depletion, factory discharge, environmental damage and the contribution to global warming caused by the production and disposal of tires.

Mr. Hines, to echo tucson's comment, I enjoy reading your blog, but I sometimes marvel at what a huge consumer you are (you appear to own three expensive late-model cars, including an SUV). Consumerism, even consuming electric and hybrid cars and iPhones, is maladaptive and is driving our species to extinction. You should think more deeply about how your lifestyle contributes to that, if you want to present yourself in this blog as someone concerned about the planet.

Hmmmm. "Three expensive late-model cars." Well, we have a 2006 Highlander Hybrid with 60,000 miles on it. The Highlander is the least expensive mid-sized hybrid SUV. (Actually, I think it's the only mid-sized hybrid SUV.)

Also, a 2011 Mini Cooper that gets 30 mpg, and a leased 2012 Chevy Volt that is getting about 230 gas mpg at the moment -- plus the electric "gas," which is equivalent to about 140 mpg, the way I figure it.

We travel little by car. And pretty rarely by any means, compared to other retired couples we know who regularly jet off to Europe, go on cruises, and such. In our neighborhood quite a few people have motor homes of one form or another, which are gigantic gas guzzlers.

So, no, I don't think our lifestyle is at all outrageously wasteful. We've weatherized our home, use low voltage lights mostly, and recycle pretty obsessively. Sure, we'd use less resources if we had a small apartment in a big city, instead of living six miles out of town on a small acreage.

But we've been here for 22 years, have reclaimed the land from poison oak and blackberries, and have planted countless (almost) trees which are growing nicely, sucking up carbon dioxide. Everybody does what they can. We feel good about what we're doing to protect and preserve the environment.

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