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August 27, 2012


I want to be able to watch my Huskies this Saturday, and thanks to you guys I can't. Get it done now! You have until Thursday.


The foremost reason I have DirecTV is to watch the mighty Colorado Buffaloes on TV. If you don't offer Pac 12 Network, I will switch to Comcast Cable.

Not being able to watch Arizona state football when I live in the state of Arizona, please fix this! thinking about switchig to coxcable if this doesnt happen

Hey! DirecTV, if you are trying to drive us back to using COX Cable you are doing all the right things. Wake up and smell the Roses before you too become a 2nd rate provider.

If I can't watch my ducks beat up on the other teams what is the point in TV. I just got DirecTv please don't make me change

Switch to dish network. They have the pac 12 network.




get with the program direct tv get the pac12 games now

I can't see my beloved Bruins. If not on Direct TV in 1 week cancel me.

Direct TV you have one more week if nothing is done by Thursday next week you are canceled after 10 years as a customer. Don't tell me what games I want to watch.....I will show you!

As soon as my direct tv mandated 2 year term is over I will be dropping this service and I am sure there are lots of others who feel the same. This is after the gal on the phone told me 4 months ago that most certainly direct tv will carry the pac-12 network, I wish now I would have gotten that in writing. Anyone for a class action?

Direct tv get smart and add PAC 12 network. You will have happy customers that won't change to a cable company that has it.

I am fed up with DirecTV I can't watch UCLA football I'm dropping DirecTV

I already pay for a sports pack and now I still won't be able to see the Pac 12 or the Laker games! I'm fed up with Direct TV but my husband doesn't want to switch.

What a shame. Direct Tv dictates what consumer wants They blame the cost on Pac 12 TV but it is because they cannot decide how to stick it to the subscibers more. Well offer a one time cost at a reasonable amount of 15-20 dollars to subsciber to watch the oregon/oregon state game. The technology was there 20 yrs ago on the "old fashion" sattelite tv, why not now?

Control control control that's all it is! What stupid people running direct tv, they are going to lose customers left and right. Hey direct tv it's football time for everyone, wake up!

I think it is ridiculous that DirectTV is not providing the channels the consumers are asking for. Way to lose a whole lot of business DTV, and good luck getting them back. I'm going for Dish, their customer service rocks! Oh and I will get the Pac12 network...and all the other channels I want :D

Im cool with the Pac 12 having exclusive rights to show Utah Vs. Colorado, but when I am deprived of the most important Pac 12 game of the year, and Comcast is not even available in my small town. I almost want to become an SEC team fan so I can watch and care about the Alabama Auburn soon to be blowout on CBS. Shame on you both Direct TV and PAC 12 Network.

At this stage of my sports TV viewing practice, I will switch to another provider who makes PAC-12 available to its customers. DirecTV so far has done absolutely nothing to encourage me to stay with DirecTV. I do not like to maintain a business relationship with companies who does not take their customers concerns as a top priority.

This is really PISSING me off! I was told this dispute would be resolved by this season! I just want to watch PAC12 football games and have my NFL season ticket too! I'm not asking for the universe! I just want to watch my damn games!!!!! Is that too much to ask?!!! Come on! Just get a deal done!!!! !

I want PAC-12 NETWORK games and programming so I can watch my games and commentaries etc. Please just get er' done.

No Pac 12 games... No Blaze network tv either. But hey, they'll let us have ""Aljezeer network"so we can have propaganda from the sand box.!!
To badd Direct TV used to be good.

I've been a customer for several years with DirectTV and I'm very disappointed they can not come to terms with the Pac 12 network. I have Dish with my motor home and if DirectTV can't come to an agreement, I will be changing to Dish for all my TV service in home and motor home together.

Why can't we have pack 12, dish is showing you up!!, I'm sure you have the money to buy into it.

Fuuuuck I can't watch the duck god dam direct tv

When is Direct tv getting Pac 12 for football?Dish has it.

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