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August 08, 2012


Why is shipping coal to China stupid? In a Clinton-esque fashion, I must say: that would depend upon what "stupid" is.
To the global warming activist, it is "stupid" to enable another country, especially one that does not have the best interests of the United States in mind, to produce even more copious amounts of CO2. To the global warming denier, less demand for coal equals less mining, which leads to less production of mining equipment, which leads to less need for transportation of the coal, which leads to under-utilization of the transportation infrastructure, which leads to less need for fuel, which leads to more unemployment, which leads to diminished quality of life, which makes people even more unhappy.
If we don't supply coal to China, someone else will. And the CO2 will continue to integrate into the atmosphere as long as there are humans on the planet.

So - not shipping coal to China will not even begin to address the problem of global warming. It will only make the US economy weaker, and US citizens unhappier.

What a dilemma! The message to everyone on both sides of the issue is this: No matter what we do as a species, it's going to suck, and suck big-time. The fun has just begun.

Kudos to Muller for taking shrapnel from both sides of the CAGW debate and remaining independent. He’s probably done many recent interviews… this is the third I’ve seen or read in which he has to correct the interviewer’s preconceived bias that the Koch brothers expected something other than objective science in exchange for their research dollars.

You have to wonder how many times each interviewer has repeated the Koch brothers stereotype prior to interviewing Muller without ever having independently confirmed it. After all, when 98% of so-called “journalists” are already repeating the same smear – is it really necessary to confirm the hearsay yourself? Why not just plagiarize the consensus view?

In his 7/30/12 interview with MSNBC/Maddow, here’s Muller’s response when she asked if her introduction of him was correct: “I think it was accurate except for the characterization of the Koch Foundation which always gave us a completely open hand and indicated no preference for what our results would show.” http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/26315908/ns/msnbc_tv-rachel_maddow_show/#48409332

Then there’s the Progressive Radio Network (interviewers D.R. Tucker and Betsy Rosenberg) who interviewed Muller on 8/01/12 and promoted it with the following: “...Muller’s research is funded in part by the Koch Brothers so this should be interesting.” http://prn.fm/2012/08/01/green-front-dr-richard-muller-080112/#ixzz22nkSzW84

ROSENBERG: “- we’ve every reason to think they’re (Koch Brothers) actively denying it (climate change).”

MULLER: “No, no, that’s a cartoon characterization that comes about from some articles… The idea, for example that all generals are in favor of nuclear war, and that everybody in industry is a denier, is just a very naive viewpoint.”

And then we have the 8/05/12 CNN/Zakaria interview Brian posted above:

ZAKARIA: “Your funding -- some of your funding came from the Koch brothers who are famously anti-global warming or believe that it isn't happening. …Have they asked for their money back?”

MULLER: “I'm actually -- I find it amusing how many people think they know what the Koch brothers are thinking. …I actually have talked to them, and they appear to be very pleased.”

These all-knowing ideologs feign delivery of “global warming news” to the masses. They feign journalism while they practice advocacy. And they refuse to interview people they think they understand based solely on the condemnation of people they do interview but don’t understand.

Zero journalistic standard… lazy at best, intentionally corrupt at worst. Is it really a surprise that in the days since this interview Zakaria was suspended for plagiarism by CNN, Time, and The Washington Post? http://www.theatlanticwire.com/business/2012/08/fareed-zakarias-take-gun-control-strikingly-similar-new-yorkers/55652/

Big Oil

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