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July 09, 2012


I stand by my claim that there are lots of local coffee shops in the area you were walking. I just counted quite a few of the top of my head. I think the problem a was twofold. Bloomington coffee shops are cleverly disguised and not necessarily labeled as "_coffeehouse". The other issue was that you may have had trouble picking them out due to the steamy haze outside at the time. I will admit that the NW has a much higer per capita coffee shop ratio, but would argue that Bloomington is probably the closest you'll find in Indiana :) it was great seeing you all, thanks so much for making the trip!

Those of us that watch LIly and her chicken have had a lot of laughs and the chicken must actally LIKE Lily to allow this!

I believe I would rather take up skateboarding with its inherent dangers than go to Indiana in the middle of summer.

Brook, this is a very important subject, so I delved into the data -- using 2010 population data and Urbanspoon restaurant info under the "coffee" category. I eliminated seven establishments supposedly in Bloomington that really were in other nearby towns.

Ta-da, facts! Salem, Oregon: 154,637 pop; 44 coffee places. Bloomington, Indiana: 80,405 pop; 18 coffee places. Salem has one coffee place for every 3,514 residents. Bloomington, one for every 4,467.

I win! Salem is about 20% more densely caffeinated than Bloomington. But I admit the difference isn't as great as I said in my blog post. Not that I'm going to change it. Facts and blog posts are two different animals.

Plus... we don't make people knock on a unmarked door and whisper a secret password in order to gain entry into an undercover coffee house. What are you guys ashamed of in Indiana? Why aren't coffee places labeled "coffeehouse"?

No wonder we couldn't find a cup of coffee in downtown Bloomington. In Salem we have places called "Beanery" and "Governor's Cup." I guess in your state coffee houses are called "Joe's Hardware" or "Beth's CPA Services." Gosh, no wonder we walked right by them.

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