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June 01, 2012


What a funny satirical post, Brian! Man, you really had me going there. I even did a double take to make sure I hadn’t landed at The Onion.

It’s a hilarious concept – a discussion blog where the moderator posts the ‘basic facts’ and the ‘willing people’ are allowed only to ask questions that will help them become better ‘commune’ with the ‘basic facts.’ You could call it ”This Here Brave New Blog.”

It would also make a gut-busting SNL skit mocking North Korean internet…SNL could even make it into a North Korean game show…a ‘willing contestant’ that falls out of line and asks a question that undermines the ‘communal facts’ would receive penalty points and an extended stay busting rocks at a work camp! SNL already does some excellent North Korean satire…you should send the idea to Lorne Michaels. Horatio Sanz does a decent Kim Jong Il…he could guest host and play Kim Jong-un, Supreme Leader and All Powerful Game Show Discussion Blog Moderator.

Keep the commie satire coming, Brian!

Big Oil

DJ, you speak like a true anti-science zealot. Call someone a commie when you have no reasonable response. Thanks for making my point about how right-wingers today are so out of touch with reality, they consider mainstream science to be "truthiness" that people are free to accept or not.

Ever heard of people who deny their children essential medical care because they don't believe in modern medicine? We've had several cases here in Oregon where kids have died because the parents believed they had a right to their own reality.

Juries and judges have disagreed. Thankfully.

Unfortunately, science deniers like you have the same attitude toward the Earth. To hell with the facts about global warming, species extinctions, dying oceans, and so on. You consider that you have the right to let the habitability of the Earth die for selfish economic and political reasons.

Well, you don't. People should be free to screw up their own lives through false beliefs, but not other people's lives. That's the basis of Oregon's law that prohibits parents from denying necessary medical care to their children.

I have the same attitude toward scientific diagnoses which show that humans are endangering the health of our planet. Neither you, nor anybody, has the right to substitute falsehoods for the truth when it comes to life and death decisions.

You're free to call me a commie -- I wear that word like a badge of honor when I'm called it by ignorant people -- but you're not free to make up your own reality.

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