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May 04, 2012


I cannot detect even a hint of relevance with respect to global warming deniers. Mostly, because the global warming believers are doing nothing more than engaging in lip service with respect to the issue, and are not making any significant lifestyle modifications in advance of the imposed restrictions that will surely come in mankind's attempt (futile attempt, IMHO) to at least mitigate impending ecological disasters.

Does anyone actually think that Americans will settle for less while the BRIC populations fortify their infrastructures at our expense? Go back to sleep, please.

If life is a problem, then it's high time that everyone acknowledge that there is no solution, believers and deniers both.

I agree with Willie R. I think whatever is going on with the climate is beyond humanity's ability to control. At best only one piece of the puzzle can be controlled and that is unlikely to happen. How do you get the industrialized world to stop being industrialized?

Say you do that. What about naturally occuring contributing factors of which there are possibly many...a confluence of causation events...the perfect storm...a river with many tributaries, you block one and the river is still rises.

Or, even if human emissions are the sole cause, it's like tackling the quarterback after the touchdown pass is already in the air.

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