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April 19, 2012


The next time, just move your table a little closer and behave offensively yourself. Start babbling to them incessantly in a way that makes no sense. Start breaking lots of plastic spoons and stir sticks and throw the pieces their way. Rise suddenly and aggressively and then sit down again. You get the drift.

If you feel embarrassed and fear tarnishing your own reputation, explain to folks after the bums leave that it was just a tactic and appologize.

It's time for people to stop putting up with bad behavior. I'm confrontational with assholes because I know I'm going to die. so if I come out on the losing end I just hastened the inevitable a little bit. What's an extra 5-10-20 years in the face of infinity?

Maybe those with kids need to be more prudent. They have dependents.

How does one grasp the difference between people who are assholes and people who just act like assholes? In terms of behavior, I can't discriminate the difference.

Robert Paul Howard

Well, maybe that's because you are one? ;)


But your response/behavior is about what I expected.

Robert Paul Howard

Whatever happened to the "Bums Rush" waitresses used to give the homeless and other lowlifes that weren't welcome in coffee shops? No one should be allowed to just loiter at Starbucks unless buying something or creating a disturbance.

Now that the air is cleared here's an answer your to your question as if you really wanted one. Assholes and those who just act like assholes are the same, imo. No refined discriminative faculty is needed because their actions are what they are. We respond according to the accuracy/inaccuracy and relativity of our perceptions, conditioning, natures, needs, capabilities and circumstances even if all that happens to be nothing. Life is lived through us, not by us, again imo, and if you understand what I mean by the difference.

Thanks for your opinion - and your demonstration.


Robert Paul Howard

I agree with hinessight. I'm hardworking lady in her thirties, admin day job and food service at night. I sometimes go to McDonalds to drink coffee to be safe during driving. I one time went to a McDonalds restaurant in downtown. There were homeless guys there too. They were staring at me like hawks. Wasn't too long (before I was finished with my food) when one had plopped himself in the chair opposite from me uninvited to say "Hi beautiful". I told him sharply to leave, which be did with a little drama. I won't eat at that McDonalds again. Also, the public library is another place to be careful of aggressive homeless losers looking to latch on.

I have moved from a wealthy Southern Orange County town called Capistrano Beach to Riverside due to some personal issues.

That's when I was faced full blown with Riverside's homeless problem with homeless people ordering free iced water and loitering in Starbucks corner armchairs and outside tables.

I'm neither prejudiced against homeless people nor have anything about people who are suffering from flu and cold and sniff their watery noses, but tonight at store close to my new Riverside home, a homeless guy came in and sat in a table behind me.

I don't thing this guy knew when was the last time he took a shower, exposed to freezing Riverside nights, exposed to many communicable skin deceases, was behind me sniffing away the entire time that it took me to get the fuXX out of my chair and flee out of the store in order to reach home and have couple of oranges and multivitamin to increase my immune system.

Starbucks Corporation: Please please have balls and do something about this homeless issue, as it has gotten out of control.

Consider law suits if people contract homeless common deceases from going to your stores. Would that be a time that you would do something about this issue?

Ya, I hate O'bummer too. Million-dollar golf junkets. No qualifications. Can't talk without teleprompters. My kids can't get jobs. Poorest America's ever been. Wrecked our country.

I am one of those homeless people. I am also very well educated and professional. Through circumstances beyond my control, I lost my house and job..and then my life savings. I am now looking for work...where most employers consider me overqualified or will only offer an unlivable wage.

I come into Starbucks every day because it has WiFi so I can job search. Granted, I make a point to dress well and look presentable but that is because I still have clothing from my days of prosperity.

Sometimes I sneek a mug full of milk as that might be the only nourishment I get all day.

I have NO MONEY left. None. Try getting a job when you can't travel, can't afford to make copies, mail things, etc....

Nice to know what you all think of me.

I never thought this would happen to me..and there are some days I think I will die, other days I wish I could...

All I can say, is through the grace of God go I.


you're the reason we hate homeless and couldn't careless about them, you leech and steal and justify because lifes hard :(, while not make any use of EI, jobs that were offered to you, shelters, donations, goverment programs, doing labour, odd jobs, mills/rigs. wow, what makes people like you think life owes you anything? Your lifes going exactly where it should.

a job in oregon? where

and why are the homeless not permitted to camp under the west salem bridge?

@loling@bums :

that is the cruelest, most heartless, ignorant comment i have read. you don't know till you've been there. you obviously can't appreciate anything outside your privileged life. i feel sorry for you.

you are more disgusting than the most stinky, toothless, ugly, disease-ridden homeless guy you can imagine. and your kind of stink doesn't wash off with soap.

My husband and I go to our local Starbucks every day. We see the homeless people hanging out. Does it bother us? No. I think you would have to be a real d bag if sitting next to someone of a lower social class makes you uncomfortable. You have your name put on your drink that makes special its something a company did to make d bags feel special.were all a job loss away. The thing is they would know how to survive. Confronting them is not a good idea like that idiot said. Most have less than nothing to loose

Sound like a True Oregonian, all of you - you all sound like real Americans!

Consider changing your terminology from "Homeless" to "Crazy" "Derilect" "Mentally ill" - You will be more direct when talking about your predjudices, and you all wont sound so ignorant.
See "Homeless" means "Without a Home" - not to be confused with "Lazy" "Tweeker" "Junkpop" "Theif" "Unemployed" "Careless" "Dirty" "Rude".... those words do Not mean "without a home".
...and when you goofs see a man with gear on his back and smile as you blurt words like "hitchhikin'?" "Travelin'?"
"Wurr ya Headed?"
You can suck my Silent Bird as I swig my $2 black coffee.
I'll pee on your graves,
The Starbucks Hobo.
ps @Homeless, Cowardly Minds are wordy arent they lol, these kids would get raped slam junk and get arrested in 24hrs on the street haha- and As for "Life" - Theirs is a Lot Worse, AND they have Bills to gripe about and pay HAHAHA

The Starbucks Store Manager in my city is so hateful to all kinds of people that she is known on the street as "The Coffee Nazi"...speaks volumes.

I am now waiting on a call from the top...confident its happening because I AM their solution...on both sides. Customer/revenue side and hired paid employees/partners side.

I will not tolerate hate, no compassion, judgement, fashion police, time limits, inconsistency, favoritism, belittling yelling, name-calling, rudeness, and assault-with or without battery.

So yea...waiting on that top of the totem pole woman to call me by Thursday. I'm excited!

They have no idea who I am and that I first take proper peaceful action before I move forward on my own. I do have a business called "Poetic Justice"...imagine that. I am a public hired problem solver. I have solutions oozing outta me!

Dear Hinessight,

Progressivism does not merely denote a set of political beliefs, but an expansive, egalitarian way of looking at the world and the people who populate it, whatever their socio-economic status. If I may so humbly suggest, perhaps you need to reexamine your assumptions a bit.

The homeless men about whom you write sound no better or worse than the regular, homeful customers I - as a homeless customer of Starbucks - have to deal with and endure on a daily basis. For example, the Starbucks I frequent is not far from a junior high school. This means that every day at about 2pm the place fills up with pubescent noise of a sort I have not had to endure since I was, oh, about 14: hysterical laughter about nothing, girls squealing about same, boys self-importantly honking their newly deepened voices, and so on. And that's just the kids. God help me with too many of the adults who often act as if Starbucks is their personal office space. I can't tell you how many times I've had to endure self-entitled Yuppies who insist upon dragging every unoccupied chair in the store to the large table designated for the handicapped so they can conduct a business meeting they should be having in their damned office.

I could go on, but you get the idea. Should I agitate for the removal of such people? Or should I rather chalk it up to "people will be people" and stop wasting precious time and energy ruminating about it? I think the latter is the best course for me and, perhaps, for you as well.

Incidentally, if you would like to learn more about what it is like to have your life stripped away from you until you wind up homeless, you can read my blog: http://astrandedman.blogspot.com/2015/01/introduction.html

What the article author went through was defently a safety and health hazard, and yes, those types of homeless should have been thrown out and barred from ever returning.

However, in NYC, it's a different story. You could be a paying customer, and be either homeless or not, but if you close your eyes, and a barista (baristastaffel?) sees this, you are rousted and immediatly told "YOU CAN'T SLEEP HERE", and they call the po-po if you don't comply with their demands. This is sick. A lot of people are homeless, and they need a couple hours off their feet, so they pay for their drink and they sit. They doze off (this is in a nearly empty Starbucks btw) and then ::BAM!!::YOU CAN'T SLEEP HERE BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH! Most homeless I have seen do this are not smelly, don't carry in mounds of posessions, and are not even real dirty (but you can still tell they are homeless if you look for a minute) but this kind of heartlessness and thoughtlessness I have witnessed against the homeless really gets under my skin. Strangely, not all Starbucks here are like that but many are, asare many, many other establishments, both public and private.

I'm homeless doing the vanlife traveling in a van, but I work online, usually at Starbucks (best wifi and atmosphere). I am a very respectful PAYING CUSTOMER though and keep area clean, look for corner small table, plug in a multi wall outlet to share with others so I don't "hog the power." I PAY for a coffee,sometimes a sandwich, and never come in without ordering an item. I hate it when homeless act like they're a customer by ordering just a Vente Water....you are not a customer til you PAY for something...you actually cost them money with just a water! But regardless of a homeless person's plight. Please, have some freaking class! Don't get a big table for just you, don't trash the bathroom (why the heck do you do that? Are you THAT bored???) Don't power hog, don't order just water, at least buy a tall hot coffee (cheapest thing, around $2). If you must bathe (I just use "wet ones big ones" works just as good), then dry up floor, pick up after yourself, leave bathroom as if you didn't use it. If you keep up trashing the place you will ruin a good thing and they will eventually keep you out or give a wifi code upon purchase of something other then water...(I wish they would do that now to deter the growing problem). Some already require bathroom pin (thanks to you) and some have even blocked all power outlets (also thanks to you), keep it up and you will lose it for good, and ruin a good thing for those of us with common courtesy and class.

Adding to my last comment, Here's a thought;

Instead of being bored sitting around for 10 hours at Starbucks... Be bored (less bored too) making money 8 hours a day by working!!!! Duh...

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