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April 05, 2012


Hi Brian
Great post, it’s the worst feeling when something like this happens I’m glad you fixed it. I write occasionally for iPad Repair and you are quite right that the water will often make the iPhone or iPad think headphones are being used and as a result you won’t get any sound. Rice or better yet rice krispies is where I would leave an iPhone after wiping the worst obviously.
Best wishes

Thank you very much

Worked for me too :-) Thank you so much! What a relief, Phew!!!!!

Q tips Worked!!! you got to keep at it, at first it seems like after the first 3 nothing will work.. but gently find the bottom of the jack, DONT push too hard once you reach the end and just spin the q tip over and over and over. TRUST ME Hahaha

Worked for me! Thank you!

THANK YOU SO MUCH. I dropped my phone into the shallow end of a lake today while on a bike ride, and the q-tip thing worked right away!

Speakers & charging port got dunked. Tried the hair dryer the next day. Speakers no longer cut in & out! Woul never have believed it. Thought it was too late! Don't give up, there may be hope!

Another iPhone saved by your genius! I was so upset as my iPhone only had a tiny bit of water hit it. I was actually shocked that there was any kind of problem. I had the "headphone" message when i tried to raise or lower the volume attempting to listen to a video - no sound coming out at all. It took me three q-tips and all is well. I never respond to posts but you really helped me out of a bad spot. Thank you - thank you - thank you!! Had to continue the positive vibe on this blog letting people know it give it a try :)

This worked for iphone 5. did the qtip and hair dryer on low for 10 mins. Thanks for tips

Thank you it worked :))))))

Qtip worked for my Iphone 5! thank you so much. I was terrified I wasn't going to get sound out of my main music provider

You are awesome my friend!

Did the q tip thing, plugged in the charger and then dried out the phone jack a few times and it's working fine:) Thank you!!

Thank you. Using a combination of rice but especially the cotton bud in the headphone jack and cool hairdryer blow, which I think really made a difference. Almost back to normal. :)

So glad I found this page! I had tried the Q-tip and it didn't work. I inserted a corner of a credit card into the charging slot and music started playing. Thank you!!

Thank you! Thank you! I was out for my morning run and was caught in an unexpected thunderstorm. Phone, case, everything soaked! In the end, it was the headphone jack; and, the Q-tip of cotton along with some time in a bag with silica packets worked!

THANK YOU!!! I have a Droid Razr Maxx HD that I dropped into the washing machine, and some combination of the qtip and the hairdryer into the headphone jack revived my speakers perfectly. Very helpful. Thanks again!

Do you know how to recover data from a water damaged iPhone?

I could literally cry thank you mann had show my thanks

Wow this worked instantly thank you so much my iPhone 5c is good as new (except the cracked screen)

Thank u so much! It was the Q-tip that did it

Thank you so much, I received new iphone 5s, 1 week later it did a submarine in the toilet bowl.. I enough the cotton bud and hairdryer trick and my mic and speaker came back to life. Cant thank you

THANK YOU SO MUCH! You are a lifesaver! I dropped my ipod in the sink and put it straight in rice. A few hours later I discovered the sound didn't work so I tried the q-tips with no luck, then the hairdryer and then the q-tips worked! THANK YOU!!

THANK YOU SO MUCH. I tried the q-tips and I got the sound back for my headphones but still no sound without headphones. and then I tried the credit card trick but its didnt work. and RIGHT then when I was about to try the hair dryer, the sound was back to normal! thank for so much, your a total live saver!

I just blowdried the top Of my phone and the sound is now working. But my phone is a bit tempremental so only time will tell as my sound regularly goes on and off and on and off. I can listen to videos
Etc sometimes but not Other so fingers crossed

thank you so much!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much, dropped my iphone 6+ in toilet and no sound. Tried all these tips and eventually just left the q tip stuck in for about 15 minutes and it worked Brilliant

OMG THANKYOU!! dropped mine in the toilet, put a cotton swab in the headphone jack, works perfectly again. thankyou so much

Thank you so much! This worked on my iPad too!

This worked!! Used a few qtips followed by 10 min of blow drying. My iPhone 5c works perfectly again! This, after it was bathed in the Pacific Ocean for several seconds this morning. Everyone in the apple support community said my phone was toast. Those guys aren't as smart as they think they are...

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