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April 05, 2012


Last summer I was in the Rockies sitting by a cold, blue, beautiful high altitude lake frequented by tourist hikers.

Which explained the behavior of a tame, incredibly cute, chipmunk-like creature that hopped on my knee looking for its share of the energy bar I was eating.

As I was reinforcing the creature's greedy dependence on humans for sustenance by hand feeding it, my cellphone slid off my lap into the lake.

I have never moved so fast (no doubt the chipmunk thing went flying with almond in mouth). I grabbed the phone out of the water and immediately opened the back and took out the battery and dried everything as best I could.

Then I blew on the exposed contacts, etc. like I was stoking a fire and then left the phone in the sun to dry out for awile.

It still worked!

Which was a good thing. I needed the phone on that trip.

As klutzy as I am, I have yet to need to deal with a waterlogged phone. However, my friends who have swear by this simple method:

Embed the device in a bag of uncooked white rice for about a day. The rice will absorb the moisture from the phone.

Don't know if it works with brown rice.


i love you i love you i love you i love you

the blow dryer worked and i love you so much

OMG I LOVE YOU SOO MUCH IT WORKRD:)))) thank you soooo much!! it was the q-tip! :)))) THANKS A BUNCHHH

Thank you, thank you! I had the unvortunate disaster of spilling a cup of water on my phone ad had this same problem. Thankfully after your tips (I think it was the hair dryer mainly) it is back to working order. Thank you again!

Thank you so much!! The Q-tips do the trick.. you just have to do it over & over & over again. Took like 15 Q-tips but I got it :)

You are so great!!! Thank you so much!!!! One question! If your sound is working but when I push the buttons on the side of the phone, it says sound is still blank! Any way to fix it?? Thanks! Oh! And if anyone knows how to get water from out of the screen!

It worked!! The blow dryer helped a lot with the buttons working, but the speaker was still broken. The Q-tip did the trick for that! Yay!! Thank you so much!

i tried the qtip and the credit card to no avail. Then I tried squeezing the bottom right corner by the speaker for 20 seconds and voila! IT works again. I think it may be a combo of the credit card and the squeeze. I splashed water on it the other day and the water hit the bottom half of the phone. Thanks!

best frekin tip ever!!!!!!!! u savedddd my iPhones sound life!!!!! thank u thank uuuuu!

thank you so much for your assistance!!!You just saved my IPhone4!!!THANKS!!!!

the q-tip worked wonders!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH :)

I know it's just my phone, but I feel like you just saved my life. Hahaha thanks so much!

I don't know which one worked but I did both the q-tip and the blow dryer and my speakers work. So thank you, your awesome, and stay golden pony boy!

Qtip worked in two seconds!!!! Thank you so much, you saved my phone and saved me $200!!!!

Thank you So much, its working again. Great to find usefull information.

Bloody LEGEND!! My iPhone and I cannot thank-you enough; the hairdryer worked a treat :D :D :D

OH MY LORD THANK YOU i did the same thing you did and the hair dryer did just the trick.

Oh my gosh! This post also helped me! I am so grateful to have found it!!! I was so disappointed in myself for breaking my phone. I feel much better now! Guess I wont be putting it back on the same ledge again! Thank you very much again! Oh and for me, it was most definitely the hair dryer!

EXACT same thing happened to me (the toiler plunge and subsequent speaker mute) and the q-tips alone worked for me. Thanks Mr. Oregon!

Thank you so much, xmas fm on now and I can hear it! fantastic. Ilma, Canada

Your tips worked!!! Thank you soo much!!

OMG Thank you sooooo much! IT WORKED!!! My two year old dumped water on my phone.

Oh my god thank you so much! The Blowdryer worked like a charm!

Thanks for the tip, mine was completely submerged in the sink briefly this morning - no sound and the ringer and microphone weren't much good either. I rolled up some tissues into pointy bits and dried out the headphone jack. Then let the breeze blow on it a bit and now seems OK.

Thank you!!! My phone fell in the dogs bathe water (guess they paid me back!) and I could only hear iTunes or phone calls with my head set😱. I used q-tips and a blow dryer....voila! It's back! Now if the camera would start working I would be an even happier camper!😁

After having my phone in rice all night I turned it on to find the sound didn't work. I followed what you said and my phone is working great from what I can tell so far. The only odd thing is I got a notification that I was sent a message but cannot open it. I am not sure but that is much better than it was. Was probably a small glitch that will work itself out. I am so relieved, I only got this phone 2 days ago and thought I had ruined it already.

Hi there - just read your post on iphone getting wet...my husbands phone was pretty much the same after getting wet - I could hear him but he couldn't hear anything and it was distorted on speaker. I followed your tips and guessed that a q-tip was a cotton bud as we call them in Australia, a very small amount of blow drying and voila - its working!!!! Felt the need to express my thanks for your advice.... I'd heard the rice and blowdryer methods but not the cotton bud :-)

Cotton buds really worked (Q tips), with the aid of some heat. You saved me £418.00, thank you. And thank you for taking the time out to blog this!

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