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April 05, 2012


You just saved my iPhone 5 which I saved all summer to buy thank you so much!

The q-tip worked. Thank you so much!

The Best thing to do is to get a bag of white rice dump it in a bowl or ziplock baggy. Turn of the phone and put your phone in the rice let it sit for 2-3 days. It sucks up the moisture inside the phone. Lucky that blowdrying it didn't damage any of the components. Rice will most of the time work if it doesn't you need to get it serviced. It does suck up all the moisture no need to do anything else. This works with any type of phone. Peace!

Phew hairdryer worked even after 12 hours, still shaking off the sick feeling!!! Thanks you ;-)

After my daughter dropped her ipad mini into the bath tub the speakers wouldnt work. I decided it was worth a try to attempt the q-tip trick and nothing else...and it worked. Thanks for the info, I'm sure this will save a lot of iPads :)

Awsome. Thank you so much. The hairdryer worked!

Oh my god thanks so much i accidlently dropped soda on my iphone 4 and the sound stopped working i read this and i thought i had nothing to loose without sound i was ready to get rid of my phone i blowdried first with cool and it didnt work abd then i read caarefully that most were using heat so i decided to give it another try i turned iphone off and blowdrying it with hot heat away from it and at the same time did the qtip thing and i got scared becaise my iphoneit turned on by itself i got scared and disconnected the blowdrier . To my surprise thank god and you who wrote this the sound started working perfectly!! Thanks so so so so much!!!!!

Can't believe it. Worked again after 3 minutes under hairdryer....headjack and charging slot. Thanks heaps!

For those who struggle at the beginning try blow dryer, LOTS of Q-Tips and also plugging in your earphones. It worked for me when i thought my speakers would never work again.

Thank you SO much!! My phone is practically falling apart with the both screens cracked and now the speaker wasn't working thought I would have to get a new phone. Didn't wanna spend the money. It worked. :)

Omg thank you!!!!

Thank you!!!!

thank you so very much you just saved me from having to buy a new phone, I couldn't be any more grateful if I tried.

Thank you so much! I dropped my iPod touch in the bathtub this evening and after trying the q tip, rolling up tissue and blow drying my iPod on cool, I found your page. I didn't want to use heat but I carefully used y blow dryer on low heat for 2 minutes and my sound was working again! I know it's only my iPod but I need it so thank you very much for this post!

This worked so well! Thank you so much! The blow dryer worked wonderfully!

It' bloody worked!!!! Thank you lorddddd!! Your a genius took about 3 minutes with the q-tip though, but it worked

Thank you!! I submerged phone last night but got it out asap, towel dried, turned it off, blow dried a bit not too close, then put in white rice bag at midnight. At 7AM, the phone was on by itself, sound, side volume control buttons and home button did not worked. I was so sad. Still I left in rice bag. Read your post at 9AM, tried Q-tip on headphone jack, gentle cotton ball push in charge area and bottom speakers, especially the right one, gave it a squeeze for 20 sec, cuz someone mentioned it. OMG, it worked!! Everything works now. Thank you!

Thank you!!

Like everyone here, I must thank you. I, like you, dropped my phone in the toilet. Every website seemed to have ridiculous anecdotal remedies that proved to be useless. You are a savior!

Your blog saved my phone! Yay!

Agree with everyone here, you're a life saver! Had tried the hair dryer thing already with no luck and after much online searching for another remedy (and getting no satisfactory results) I found your post. The cotton bud tip worked a treat! My phone is as good as new again. Thank you soooo much :-)

well it hadsnt worked for me my phones now gone blank screened bullshit phone you think with the cost of em tey would be able to withstand a bit of fookin water nokia 3310's could be bounced of walls dropped in the sea stuck to a bleedin nuke an still work

Life saver. Have made my day! Cotton bud worked for me!

Was in my car and had to roll down my window and my iPhone 5 is in a little nook in my door and the speakers got slightly wet, but enough to ruin the sound of my speakers. I saw this blog but didn't have a blow dryer readily available, so I decided to use the car heater vent and put my iphone next to vent and had warm air blow into the speakers...it works great now!!!

Worked perfectly! Thank you!


THANK YOU. Your hair dryer trick did it!

YOU ARE A SAVIOR. I WAS LEGIT GOING TO BREAK DOWN UNTIL I FOUND THIS. No-one knows how to give a legitimate answer. Instead they would rather hide the information within a ton of irrelevant information and it all gets too confusing. Yet again, thank you so much!

I did exactly the same! but dropped my iphone in the sink!
These tips worked, hair dryer and instead of a ear bud used a crunched up rizzla

life saver !

Omgosh the q-tip thing worked automatically for me! Soo excited. Thank you. I was soo bummed that I was gonna have to use my phone on speaker from now on.

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