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April 05, 2012


Thank you so much! Worked like a charm on my iPhone 5!

Thank You!!! Even though other sites said stay away from heat, all the comments on this blog convinced me to try it. Sound was back after wiping the headphone jack and 5 minutes! Iphone 4s

Omg!!! This worked like a charm!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!!!

OMFG Thanks so much! It worked!!! I used the cotton buds tip.

Daughter's 3 month old Iphone 5 had the same fate as yours last night. It is off and sitting in rice in a closed container for 2 days with SIM card removed. I will keep this link in mind if we run into problems. I plan to put up a small sign that says "No phones in the bathroom" immediately. Thanks for the tips!

Omg you have actually saved my life I've been in a Bad mood all day because of dropping it in a puddle and the sound didn't work but the cotton bud worked (what we call a q tip in England) thankyou so much! You have saved me so much money! All I needed was the cotton bud ripped the end slightly and twirled it round and it worked! Thankyou so much! You've saved my life!

Yo this worked perfectly!

Looks like you earned yourself a bunch of good karma from writing this article ;-)

Thank you so much! I used the trick with the blow dryer. I put it on the "cool" setting and let it run about six inches away for 15 minutes. This did the trick! You saved my poor iPhone! So grateful!!! :)

I had the same exact problem and I did the credit card thing and it worke perfect thank you so much!! My speakers have been not working for a couple weeks now and I thought it was too late to do anything about it after dumping a glass of Mountain Dew on it. So happy!

Just got mine to work after dropping in hot tub. Hair dryer did the trick.

You, sir, are the best! My iPhone 4s got a bit wet in the rain and everything seemed to work except the speaker that would allow me to hear music, apps, etc. After trying the ol' rice method for too many hours I tried another, more specific Google search to fix my precisely my problem and wham! I found your blog post. After a couple of Q-tips and about 1 minute of blow drying the speaker and charge slot as you suggested I am back in business. That saved the day since my Xbox 360 kicked the bucket the same day. Thanks so much. You are da man!!

Thank you! After a water bottle leaked in my workout bag, the speaker quit working and I thought my phone speaker was permanently ruined. I couldn't figure out how to insert a credit card into my phone charger so I just put it in the stream of hot air from the hair dryer for a few minutes, no success. Then I inserted a stripped qtip stick into the speaker jack opening and Wow!, the sound came back. I am so pleased and will get a new water bottle (much cheaper than a new phone!).

I cannot thank you enough! I just dropped my phone in the bath tub, as it was draining. After a good 20 minutes of crying and freaking out, I found your post. And, amazingly, my phone works! I used the Q-tip and blow dryer!

Ok so I have a weird comment to add. I tried all of the above to no avail. Then I put my mouth over the speaker holes on bottom right corner and was going to "blow dry it" with less heat. Nothing. BUT... When I inhaled to blow again I heard sound.

So I basically "smoked" my phone like trying to get smoke out of a candy cigarette... And it worked!!! Pulled speaker back into place?

Well.. That was great while it lasted. It quit again. The only way I hear sound is when inhaling on the corner. As soon as I stop , it quits.

Now what? Help!! ??

Thanks! Hair dryer worked for me!!

Thankyou so much. Cotton bud didn't work nor did the credit card but the blow-dryer did
- don't know if what did it was the headphone jack or charging slot. Thankyou!

Didn't work for me. I can hear keyboard strokes, rings and alerts but no sound when using Pandora, YouTube or music. Also, when I push on the volume adjusters the pop-up shows with the word "ringer" and the speaker symbol but the little square indicators do not. Any advice?

Also, what in the world do you mean about the credit card? I have the 4S and can't wait to switch to Blackberry or Android when my contract is up.

Summer, it's been a while since I browsed around, looking for ways to get my iPhone working. Can't remember exactly what the credit card was all about.

I believe the tip I tried was to insert the corner of a credit card into the iPhone 4 charging slot (which is much bigger than the iPhone 5 charger). I think the idea was that this could remove water droplets stuck in there.

I used the q-tip and it worked instantly. Thanks for the tip!


Wow...My son slobbered all over my iPhone today, and the sound through the top speaker quit working along with all the other little noises this thing makes besides ringing with a call. FREAK OUT MOMENT! I just tried both of these. The q-tip didn't work at first, then I tried the hair-dryer for a few minutes, and now my sound is working again!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you so so so much for posting this! I can now breathe again... :)

YOU...are a LIFESAVER. You just saved me $229.00 . Thank you sooo much!

I used q-tip and hair dryer and it's working !!! Thanx

God bless you sr. This work like a charm!!! Muchas gracias es lo mejor! You are the best for sharing this, you safe us all here big money that maybe we don't have and with hard work we buy phones that had the bad luck with water. Did I mention thank you ones again :)

THANK YOU! This post saved my iPhone! My phone had a previous water mishap a few months ago, and the rice trick took care of the problem. This time, no such luck. I was starting into freak out mode, when I went to google and came across this - my phone was putting out NO sound whatsoever, and when I tried adjusting the volume, my phone read "headphones." I figured this meant the problem was happening in the headphone jack, so I tried the q-tips. At first, it didn't do anything. I kept shoving q-tips down, and after about 10 or 15, sound came back! Yay! Thanks again!

Awesome thank you.... Took about 5 q-tips and about 20 min all works fine... Many thanks

Dropped my iPhone 4S in water, dried it off then blew it out with compresser. The phone would not turn off, it would just restart, put it on airplane mode. Got home put it in a bag of rice for about 30 hours. Worked but speakers and mic weren't working well. Did the q-tip and blow dryer. Had to blow dry about 15/20 in the bottom and it fixed it completely. Thanks for all the tips.

Thanks, Tried the q-tip method thoroughly to no avail when I remembered I had spilled water on it last night, then I found your blog and the hairdryer method which worked straightaway!


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