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March 30, 2012


Cockroaches and rats of the future, in studying the history that led to their dominating the world, will ponder the role broccoli had in how the Supreme Court changed US history with their interpretation of the commerce clause.

It is all about liberty. If we can be compelled to buy health insurance then, by reductio ad absurdum, we could be compelled to buy broccoli. My answer is, yes, Congress could so enact such legislation (were it stupid enough to do so). That is not my point, though. It seems to me that the issue is double edged. Neither Verrilli nor the minority four seems to have addressed what I see as the flip side.

No one questions that it is ok for Congress to prohibit me from buying green things (cannabis sativa?). My liberty is just as much constrained by prohibition as it is compulsion.

The way the questioning seemed to go bodes ill as it would go back to commerce under the Articles of Confederation. The chaos of commerce was an important impetus for our present Constitution.

I suggested to Senator Merkley that what Congress ought to have done is require states to enact the mandate. Federal funding would have been the carrot/stick insuring conformity. This tool is often used. It is the basis for insuring that state laws conform to federal law in unemployment insurance and federal highway programs. The down side is that there were questions that call even this into question.

I wish everyone would read the Constitution of the United States, then read the breathtakingl overreach of the Obama Healthcare Plan; then try to convince me and other rational citizens exactly why this bill should be the law of the land. Do so without jargon or rhetoric, but with facts, and I predict you would fail.

Your cartoon is wrong, the govt can't put you in uniform. We've been a volunteer force for a couple decades now.

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