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March 08, 2012


So in summary, what you are saying is: If a county or city want to do something with their land, and the LCDC wants to require environmental impact statements, studies and other mounds of useless paperwork to protect "the people" of Oregon. The LCDC is going to have to pay those entities to conduct such testing (And I agree, $550k can be spent much better... note to self... create an independent research firm) as a requirement... That doesn't seem fair?

If you have a county that wants to do something... and the state is requiring them to do a bunch of studies.... then I think the state should have to pay the studies. Counties are trying to do things that benefit their citizens.

It's about time that some of these over regulating bureaucracies had some consideration (that's a business law term) for their requirements. So if the state wants to stick it's nose in what is going on at a county level with the citizens of that local level, and be high and mighty and tell them what to do... They should pay.

Once again, the money could go to better use. But... when you have a big government to run good use of money has never been a priority.

Brian, you spend a lot of time bitching about Republicans. But as it takes two to tango, politicians built this stupid system of the way things get done. Not just Republicans. This is just re-channeling state money to protect the environment, and the cost of doing it outside of the scope of the law. This is how it's done. It ain't pretty, and terribly inefficient but it's how politicians made it.

Dan, last time I checked, the government wasn't paying me to comply with laws, rules, and regulations. In fact, when we recently reconfigured our carport, I had to pay Marion County for a building permit. So are you saying that the government should pay people/organizations to comply with government regulations?

That doesn't make sense. But if you can pull this off, make sure I get my reimbursement check from the county, state, and federal governments for all the rules, regulations, and laws that I've had to comply with at my own expense.

Regarding redefining farm and forest lands, LCDC isn't forcing the three southern Oregon counties to do this. The nine county commissioners in these counties want to do it. As noted in this post, state law already gives them this ability. They can try to get a new regional definition of farm and forest land approved whenever they want to.

Question is, why should $550,000 of general fund taxpayer money be given to these three counties? What's the reason for doing this? Best as I can tell, this was a politically-motivated back room deal with no compelling public interest behind it.

Lastly, I'm bitching about Democrats and Gov. Kitzhaber in this post, along with Republicans. The Dems and Governor's Office agreed to this deal, or it wouldn't have gone through. Like you said, it's how politics works, but I don't have to like how it works.

Guess I'm naive in believing that what I learned in elementary school about "how a bill becomes law" should be the way it's done -- open, honestly, transparently.

The issue? If you cant define it? umm uh huh ..uhmmm due to some desire to be nice or make friends? not sure which. Arghhh !!! Why do folks insist on being politically correct? OXymoron!!!This land is our land. These laws are not ours. WIseguy? No, seriously its our land and its not to be governed in backrooms or in poll booths! This is redundant! Occupy A (yes A is meant to be 1, single...less than 2 by half)piece of land. Forget about Wall Street and land management bills. Respect that land own it work it defend it .... refuse to disrespect it! I can see how we as a country arrived at this place/space.Does anyone fathom a reason to continue on like any bill, law government program, group, arghhh can undo the wrongnes. Wake up! Work for your freedom, your families , your food and your land. Stop worrying about bills, laws, land beyond.How bout the next game you play, is red rover or yatzee. Plant Play Love Live Sin and Forgive. In A NUTSHELL unless you plan to really do something about it quit feeding the conspiracy monster and Occupy a piece of our land! hugs. For those of the opinion that my words are silly, ridiculous or futile?? Uneducated? wishywashy and pointless? I commend you and i implore you to toss your Ego out the door. Get some dream time and wake up! hmm not much else to do. Smile Laugh pretend the rest of your life is reality and the past just was.Darn this was supposed to be about corruption and misappropriation af funds/land. Unless you'd rather just wake up!

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