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March 13, 2012


I appreciate what you did. We adopted a retriever which had been returned by its owners (cute puppies often grow up faster than cute little children).

We cannot let her off leash nor have her near small children. It is obvious her previous owners mistreated her. It is also obvious that the male in the house must have been the disciplinarian.

We are in a trial phase with two dogs (they were buds at their foster home) and I'm not sure it's going to work out and it's breaking my heart. We are on Christmas break right now so are giving the dogs all of our attention, trying to establish our dominance and setting our house rules, and they are still acting out. And then at other times they are perfect angels. I'm worried about what will happen when we go back to work and have 12 hour days...will we come home to our yard completely destroyed and agitated dogs? We thought getting two dogs who were friends would mean they'd entertain each other through the day until we could get home to walk them and interact with them. We have a trainer coming today to give us some tips and I hope that helps. I wonder though if we are setting ourselves up to have unhappy dogs and whether they'd be better off with another family/families? My mind is in two places about it- 1)they just need more time and we'll work out the kinks and the good outweighs the bad and 2) I'm being stubborn in thinking that I can fix this situation and don't want to accept that we maybe got dogs who are more high energy than our lifestyle can handle. Anyway, sorry for writing so much, just came across your post and needed to vent.

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