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March 14, 2012


But even if bikes don't work for you for daily transportation, what about a summer jaunt to Thompson's? Or a spring picnic and a bottle of wine at Ankeny Vineyard? There's no better way to enjoy the fair weather and flowers and birds than by bike!

You don't have to participate in hipster absurdities, or their critique, to enjoy life by bike!

As a San Franciscan cyclist, I have to say that this is not supposed to feed the inflammed, self-righteous anger of cyclists, but is a well-done piece of satire. If you lived here, you'd see that each of the cyclists featured in the video is a caricature of some of our best-loved/most-hated (all at the same time) peeps in the city.

Hines, even at 63, I know you have the 'tude to be a great urban biker. I'm the same age and bike every day in Portland to get to work and elsewhere (I used to live in the country but had to get back to the city to get on my 'motherfuckin' bike').

Like the previous poster, it's all satire. There are morons in every mode of transportation. I confess to getting peeved at the black clad, helmetless, lightless bikers who nearly T-bone me at intersections while riding after dark.

No age limit to bikes, or a righteously obnoxious attitude. Don't over think it. Get a bike and do it!

At 53 years, I ride everywhere. In great physical shape too.

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