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March 28, 2012


I have the feeling that 100 percent electric vehicles will only be popular on golf courses until such time as there is either a major commitment by utility companies to invest in charging infrastructure on a massive basis, or a major breakthrough in battery storage capacity occurs (that will not cost a small fortune).

Good luck with your Volt.

Surprised that someone with a thinking head on you, you will fall for the lies, bs and pure made up stories or non-sense that flows from Fix news...Oh well

Someone needs to do their homework!


See section titled "Is The Grid Up To It?"

10 million Volts is 0.8% of current production...

The infrastructure for electric vehicles is WELL underway. We have over 7100 public charging stations in the USA and it is growing fast. In Tennessee there are 14 Cracker Barrel's with FAST DC charging, fast enough to charge a Leaf in 25 minutes or the new Model S in 45 minutes.

But the best part of it is you almost never need one. Just plug it in when you are home in the evening and you start each day with a full battery.

Congratulations on your decision to get a Volt. I have had mine for about 6 months and have gone over 6,500 mi. on 49 gallons of gas. MPG on gas is 128 mpg and compared to some of the other Volt owners that's nothing. These miles include trips of over 200 miles, which would have been a real headache in a Leaf.

Great choice with the Volt. Perhaps it's high time that electric vehicles are given due attention. Yep, the Leaf is also a nice ride, but I think the Volt is better for you guys.

Well, you can’t go wrong with Chevy Volt. This Chevy Volt has an “extended-range electric vehicle feature” or E-REV. This means you can travel up to 40 miles on electricity. There’s no need for you to fill up your gas tank or recharge your battery. This is a great advantage for you, as you can drastically reduce your dependence on gasoline.-- Ernest Houston

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