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March 18, 2012


The effort to popularize electric and hybrid vehicles is essentially stillborn. Not because it is a concept found lacking, but simply because nothing, but nothing, can come close to the energy density of gasoline on a cost basis - not to mention the safety factor.

Our entire way of life in America is predicated upon mobility. It is the basis of our survival as a society. It so happens that things have evolved in ways that make it necessary for people to be in various locations that are widely separated in space in order to carry out the business of living. The traveling range of private vehicles has literally shaped the environment. Most gasoline powered vehicles can travel roughly 300 miles before the fuel supply needs to be replenished. Our daily schedules are predicted upon this reliable fact. People will always be reluctant to modify their lifestyles if it involves any sort of inconvenience.

The CAFE legislation calls for vehicle manufacturers to achieve something like 60+ MPG by the year 2020. They cannot do that by simply not building enormous SUV's that get 15 MPG on the highway and manufacturing subcompact vehicles. They are going to have to produce electric and hybrid vehicles with efficiencies that magically translate into hundreds of equivalent miles per gallon of gasoline - all so they can continue to sell big SUVs.

It remains to be seen if legislation can force the lifestyle changes necessary to make electric and hybrid vehicles a good idea.


Mr Hines comments are dead on! I too am disgusted with the half truths and flat lies coming from so many on the "right". And these are people that want to lead our country?!! Read "Rise and Fall of the Third Reiich" if you want to see what this mind set does to a country!!!
And as for Jerry Boris comment-- See above referenced book by William Sherer.

Since republicans are so far ahead in the polls, they can afford to piss off working people that build cars, they can piss off other republicans like myself that absolutely love the Volt, they can piss off people who expect to hear the truth and not their stupid lies like Huckabee saying the car does not run, they can piss off people who want the US to be energy independent with help from electric cars, they can piss off people who appreciate US innovation.
They can do all this and they think that they will win in November.
Myself, I will never vote republican again, until all this Volt bashing stops.
They lost my vote, because I always vote republican, never again.

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