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February 29, 2012


I believe in principle #1. You don't have to deal with trouble if it doesn't come your way in the first place.

I used to be faster than most people. Running got me out more than a few jams. One time a gang of greasers from the Valley spilled out of a car hell bent on beating me to a pulp. Greasers hated surfers. I took off running, hurdled a fence, and in two blocks I was ahead of them by one block. They gave up.

I no longer have the luxury of superior speed, so awareness, common sense and principle #1 prevail...and a weapon, just in case. I don't carry a gun, even though I own several, because the noise would probably exacerbate the tinnitus I have to suicidal heights. The noise has other disadvantages as well and guns are heavy, bulky and tiresome to carry on a daily basis.

My personal predilection is knives. I have practiced their use as a weapon in addition to cutting carrots. I make knives as a hobby/business and always have some kind of knife on me.

But don't bring a knife to a gunfight.

Like you say, Run!!!

Well,even Bruce Lee said his style was "the art of fighting without fighting." I've always been slow and hated to run, so I learned taekwon-do (old school style) and hapkido. The best result of that training is that I'm acutely aware of what's happening and going to happen and thus, I just exit before anything can get started.

>My personal predilection is knives. I have practiced their use as a weapon

You've stabbed someone? Wow, please share your experiences.


I didn't say I stabbed anyone. I said I have practiced their use as a weapon. I do have a foam dummy in the back that gets abused from time to time though.

Now don't assume from that statement that I sexually abuse the dummy.

We all need to learn this lesson over and over...

Don't make assumptions.

Especially in a knife fight.

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