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December 06, 2011


this is the dumbest fucking thing I've wasted my time on in quite a while.

Jeff, thanks so much for the compliment. Sounds like this blog post made so much sense, you couldn't think of any way to refute it other than through an insult.

Cougars rule! Save the cougars! They're so much safer to be around than humans (or dogs).

The real danger is the irresponsible dog owners who let their dogs run free in areas that are clearly marked at the entrance to the park to be leashed dog areas. These people walk around with their off leash dogs and are totally oblivious when their dog chases joggers, wild life, hikers and other leashed dogs. I believe that the most dangerous thing in Minto Brown park are these self centered irresponsible morons.

I appreciate the wry approach, but it's kind of a pointless comparison. The demographic predominantly visiting the dog park area has a near-zero rate of murders committed.

What's more interesting and applicable is the risk presented by the cars within and approaching the park. Visibility isn't perfect, driving skills are pretty evenly distributed across the population, and there are plenty of opportunities for interactions with cars. So, don't worry about the cougar, the dogs, or the people. Worry about the cars.

Ridiculous commentary, thanks for wasting my time ! The dogs and people I
Run into have always been polite and respectful to be around .

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