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November 04, 2011


"The inalienable right to life possessed by every human being is present from the moment of initial formation, and all human beings shall be entitled to the equal protection of persons under the law." Find answers to most of the questions about Personhood at: http://www.personhoodinitiative.com/about-personhood.html

Wow. One response from a true believer. I guess I'll have to change that.
A first trimester fetus has absolutely no awareness of any kind, whatsoever. How do I know? I used to be one. A sterilized scalpel could have excised the clump of tissue that would eventually become me from the uterine wall it was growing on and the human population would be what it is, minus one.
In another month or so, I am going to be a grandfather. Seven months ago, I was hoping that my grandchild's mother would terminate the pregnancy. Both my son and soon to be daughter-in-law are troubled individuals. (She already has a 6 year old daughter that was taken away from her due to the courts ruling that she was an unfit mother - whatever that is). Of course, I am a troubled individual, too. My father was a paranoid schizophrenic alcoholic who underwent electro-convulsive therapy for years, with a MENSA IQ, who died young in prison - murder or suicide, no one can say for sure - either scenario could fit easily. Funny how he never perceived himself as troubled....but I digress, big time.

If those in power decide that "personhood" is a de facto condition associated with being human, then so be it. But I do not think that it is appropriate to criminalize abortion. Let's just accept it as just another tragic aspect of human nature. It ain't goin' nowhere, anyhow.

The abortion issue is unresolvable so a compromise will have to be accepted.

How about you can have an abortion through the first trimester. After that, you will have to go through with the pregnancy or go to Mexico or a basement someplace to have the abortion done.

Late term abortions are murder. I would like to hear a strong argument that it isn't.

I called a local abortion clinic a few years ago that performed so called partial birth abortions. They knew I was pro choice and just wanted to hear their side of it since we never do. The RN explained to me that a good deal of the fetuses are dead already and need to be removed, the mothers have medical issues that cause them to not be able to have this done surgically, some fetuses have heads filled with fluid and can't pass. She told me that this is a procedure that is not used unless there are dire circumstances. People are going to die with some of these right wing attitudes, I also as a women feel it is terrible that a womens life is not put ahead of those of a fetus not far enough along to survive if it were born. Cruel people, cruel.

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