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November 19, 2011


I got mine yesterday and feel the exact same way. Will Amazon let your return an opened and slightly used Kindle Fire?

Chris, I had no problem returning mine. In fact, shortly after I printed out the return labels on Amazon's website, I got an email from Amazon telling me that my credit card already had been credited for the cost of the Kindle. This was even before I'd taken the box to a UPS shipper.

I have Amazon Prime and order an amazing amount of stuff from Amazon, along with my wife (just got a bunch of D cell batteries; why not, why shipping is free and the cost is less than Home Depot?). So that could explain why Amazon was so accommodating with the Kindle Fire return.

well I guess for those of us "less fortunate souls" who can't afford to spend $500 here and $300 there are stuck with the "oh so not coolish" - I'm getting my kindle fire hopefully in the next day or two and since I don't have a nice big screen tv or any kind of cable or satelite ... I think I'm going to be just fine with watching tv shows that I haven't seen in two years on my 7 inch kindle ... I guess to each it's own. I appreciate your insight - but I'm going to have to go the cheaper rout. :)

NO NAME, I'm not sure what you mean by the Kindle being cheaper than, say, a $79 Roku device connected to your TV, along with an Amazon Prime subscription (though there are other ways of getting free TV shows).

As I noted in this post, the Kindle Fire doesn't offer anything, TV-watching wise, that the Roku doesn't also offer. And with Roku you can see TV shows on a big screen, rather than a 7 inch screen. Shows are "free" on the Roku to the same extent they're "free" on the Kindle Fire.

Yeah that's right Apple really has something that you can't resist to buy. and I do agree that Apple is a lot more better then the kindle. since Apple has a lot more features and functions compared to the kindle. You've done a great decision to return the kindle. Thanks for this wonderful post.

i got my Fire for Christmas and I still love it. I watch tv on my tv but i like reading on my Fire because I do not need a light so i can read a bit later without disturbing my husband.

Ive had my fire sense last November and I love it, it does kinda. piss me off that amazon trys to get you to only buy their content but that's how they make money off of it. I feel that apple products can be a pain to set up, the fire was easy especially if you already have an amazon account. The fire is good for people who haven't used apple products and you can always root your fire to make it a true android tablet.

Well I don't know about anyone else but the author of this review is about as annoying as his review. For him to be so let down by his purchase of the kindle fire tells me that he didn't spend much time checking it out bafore he ordered one. On the other hand I knew exactly what to expect when I ordered mine. To compare an ipad to a kindle fire is to compare an apple to an orange no pun intended. Anyone buying a fire thinking their getting a full fledged tablet didn't really look beyond there nose. In this case it felt more like looking down the nose. I do however give him points for his writing skills but I wouldn't trust him to go grocery shopping.

Rick, I must disagree! I am an entirely trustable grocery shopper! My wife trusts me to do this deed, at least. I am the Designated Weekly Major Grocery Shopper.

And naturally I have a Grocery List System.

That said, i'll admit that I could have researched the Fire more closely before I bought one. It just seemed like a cool device. I wanted one! Because it's cool! However, I didn't think through enough what I expected it to do.

With Apple products, usually you don't have to, because whatever a device does, you'll learn to love it -- and end up wondering, "How do I ever live without the ability to do this new thing that I didn't even know I needed to do?"

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