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November 10, 2011


Even the most ardent believer in man-made global warming should easily be able to see that halting the Keystone pipeline is not a victory for them. But it is a loss for the US and victory for Saudi Arabia & China.

The tar sands will be fully developed and the oil consumed regardless whether the pipeline gets built. The question is, who will benefit when that oil flows? At a time when the left is screaming to “grow jobs” by spending borrowed public money on infrastructure projects (high speed rail, etc) they block privately funded infrastructure investment in the form of a pipeline that is a key job creator and vital to reducing oil imports that fund US enemies abroad.

China will gladly refine and consume this oil if the US doesn’t want it. And it will arrive at their ports after a CO2 intensive trip on an oil tanker. How that helps the cause of the man-made global warming true believer is beyond me. Just another example of politically driven left wing feel good environmentalism disguised as science.

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