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October 14, 2011


"I marched a lot in the 60's. And now I'm in my 60's, still marching. Far out. Also, groovy. I bet tomorrow will blow my mind."

--And it appears in your 60's, after all your inquiry and blogging, you've learned nothing. A pity.

"Ya say you want a revolution? Wellll ya knowohoh. Better free your mind instead."

tucson, I believe in freeing my mind also. But we're not talking revolution here with Occupy Salem.

We're talking about bringing the United States back to the values that made us great: a strong middle class, widespread employment opportunities, fairness in our economic policies.

Economic inequality is higher in the U.S. than in all but five other countries.

Our political system has been taken over by Wall Street, corporations, and other special interest groups. It's time for ordinary people to make their voices heard. Yes, ordinary people don't have the money that the lobbyists do. But we have voting power.

Originally the Tea Party was just as concerned about bailouts for "fat cats" while homeowners and others hit by hard times were largely ignored by politicians. But now the Tea Party seems to have been bought off by Wall Street, as all they talk about is deficit reduction.

Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party have a lot in common: a desire to get our country back in the hands of the 99% rather than the 1%.

"... But we're not talking revolution here with Occupy Salem."

--One of the major organizers and funders of these demonstrations is the SEIU whose director has stated the purpose is destabilization and overthrow of the system. Sounds like revolution to me.

"Our political system has been taken over by Wall Street, corporations, and other special interest groups."

--Our system IS Wall St.,corporations and special interest groups. We need reform of these things not overthrow and destruction which is the stated goal of the organizers. If you want a system run by the government, then I suggest moving to Cuba.

Wall St. is a good thing because it provides an investment forum and liquidity for financial instruments that allows business to function and flourish. Like all good things it can be abused. Let's install reforms via the legislative process that makes these abuses more difficult.

What's wrong with deficit reduction? Should we continue to expand the deficit? If you are broke and living on maxed out credit cards barely able to keep up with minimum interest payments should you continue buying more stuff and get into more debt?

The fundamental cause of the current economic malaise is the Fannie Freddie mortgage debacle orchestrated by Barnie Frank, Chris Dodd and large banking interests.

There is going to be hardship until all this bad paper is absorbed and liquidated. Some young graduates are going to have to take low paying menial jobs until the economy improves. Tough, but all is cyclical. My son shovels horseshit (literally) all day for $9.00 an hour instead of sitting in a park bitching about Wall St. fat cats. I respect that.


In the early 1930s, there was hyperinflation and economic depression in Germany. The old saying was that you needed a wheelbarrow full of German marks in order to buy a loaf of bread. The average German had lost all of his savings due to the collapse of the currency and was out for blood. The Communists organized people to march and "occupied" parts of cities, just as they are doing now in the "Occupy Wall St." demonstrations, but on a much more grandiose scale. After a while, average Germans hated these marches. However, a group of people got together and pushed back against these Communists. They started beating up the protesters because they knew what the people behind the protesters wanted: Marxism. Unfortunately, the people who beat up the Commies were also organized. They were the NAZIs.

So, you see, we don't want revolution, destruction and civil disorder. The United States is still a great country. It just needs an adjustment like you get at the chiropractor's, not a frontal lobotomy.

Great set of posts, Tuscon!

This whole Occupy Wallstreet movement has left me with an uncomfortable feeling for some reason. I always ask myself," Whose in charge? Who is supporting it?" and so forth.

After reading your posts and checking a few things out, now I know why!


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