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September 27, 2011


My parents live in Wallowa county where the wolves are. They are not ranchers, my dad doesn't even hunt anymore. They live there because they love the wildlife and frankly it's downright beautiful.

They have been there for going on 20 years now. They enjoyed walks around their land and never had to carry a gun for fear of being attached by a wolf. Now they look out the front window of their log cabin and see a wolf looking into the house. They dog recently was chased and attacked by a wolf right in front of my 72 year old mother who stood up to the wolf and waved her hands yelling and the wolf ran off after biting their cattle dog.

My parents have never been afraid of being there, they are more afraid of the hunters around them shooting at their house then any animal who might attack.

I don't get why they introduced the wolves in the first place. Why is it so important to the land? My parents live very near all the ranchers who are losing their cattle. Are they next to get attacked by the wolves?

I hope that some day I don't have to write an obituary about the death of my parents who have lived so many years up there on their beautiful place enjoying nature just to be attacked by a wolf that was introduced to Oregon...and why was it so important?

Take a look at Idaho's wolf situation. After a handful of wolves were released in the Sawtooth National forest, now they have somewhere around 1300 depending on who you talk to, statewide. The US Fish and Wildlife really do not know how many there are as it has become too much for them to manage. Check their website on pack activity in the Sawtooth Wilderness.
It is not just the cattle at stake, it is all of the wildlife wolves affect. The State of Idaho Fish and Game is now taking action the best they can to manage the wolves, all of which is very expensive. Wolves repopulate very fast. The idea of using wolves to achieve a natural balance is not realistic. Wolves know no boundaries and do not understand the world is a different place than when Lewis and Clark got here.
After living in Kodiak Alaska, wolves don't scare me half as much as grizzlies do but that doesn't have anything to do with whether we need them or not.
It is a matter of what can and will be properly managed. Having wolves is fine, just be prepared to manage them before they eat you house dog. They really hate other dogs in their territory.

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