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August 20, 2011


One minute in the microwave is usually sufficient for one ear of corn. You don't need to add any water; the water in the kernels cooks them from the inside.

Sue the damn farmer. Probably a Republican!

We need warning labels! We need a government-funded education program and a new department dedicated to the prevention of this tragedy. We should raise taxes on corn and other microwaveable vegetables to pay for this new program and try to socially engineer the population to use better judgement when they are paying two dollars for an ear of corn...they will know they are paying for their own safety. Most definitely sue the farmer. Someone must be accountable and used as as example! He probably used some kind of pesticide anyway as a means of boosting his profit...like some corporate Wall Street stooge wearing overalls and a straw hat. Goddamn republicans!

KnowItAll, tastes are diverse. I successfully managed to cook and eat an ear of corn yesterday without having a relapse of Corn Burned Mouth Syndrome. I still went for four minutes in the microwave. One minute seems way too short. But if it works for you, great.

Jack and Dan, thanks for the excellent analyses. I agree that someone needs to be held responsible for my injury, and that person obviously isn't me -- since I was blameless for the mouth-burning.

I enjoy chatting with the farm stand folks once or twice a week. I suspect that if I sued them, our relationship would be affected in at least some small way.

Government regulation seems like a better approach. The notion of a tax on corn to pay for the new program makes a lot of sense. The money also could pay for reparations (retroactive, of course) to those who have suffered Burnt Mouth Syndrome prior to the regulations going into effect.

I think this should be called "Brian's Law" in honor of, well, me. I had the courage to bring this to the world's attention and fight for the rights of injured microwaved corn consumers. I'm so proud of me, I can hardly believe myself.

Brian, you kill me, Dude! Really funny stuff. Couldn't disagree with you more on almost everything...but love your blog. Great formula you have going here.

Maybe it isn't the corns fault!
Sorry, I don't see how you can blame the corn. Be careful what you do when you buy a knife with no instructions. Could be dangerous.....

Why use a microwave anyway? Apart from burning your mouth with too hot of food, microwaves supposedly kills all the goodness from food.

Oh Ps, so sorry that your mouth got burnt. It is a good job you do most of your talking on the internet with your fingers! ;)

And your wife is right - again!!
'This is why women live longer than men'.

Women would have learned after the first bite that it was hot.


Hot corn is probably the least of your worries when it comes to microwaving


I feel sorry for people that take God's name in vain; the Bible says you will not be held guiltless.

Thats what occurs when your veggs are grown , sprayed or skyfall; heavy metals. Stay hotter when heated. GE

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