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August 06, 2011


I'm not a Republican but I can tell you that I certainly won't accept the politicians telling me that they want more of my money. What part of massive spending cuts don't they understand? They are already wasting trillions of dollars now, why should anybody expect them to do anything else if we gave them more? face it, trillions of dollars in cuts (now, not a decade away) is what the government needs to do. Anybody who says otherwise is ignoring reality.

You can see this as a partisan issue if you wish but it is really a systemic problem with Dems and Repubs not much different in that they are both bought and paid for by the same groups. This exchange from the Katherine Austin Fitts blog is enlightening:

Forgive me, but Standard and Poor's deciding to downgrade the United States as a credit risk is somewhat akin to a disgruntled child informing it's parents that they will no longer accept everything they say as the truth.
It makes for fancy rhetoric, but nothing else.

I'm glad the tea party is holding the line on taxes. Why should rich people pay a higher % of taxes than you or I? Everyone should pay the same % regardless of how much they make. How is it fair to base the % on how much a person makes? If there are too many loopholes for the wealthy then how would an increase on something that isn't being paid help anyway? Eliminate the tax breaks and make everyone pay the same %. A flat tax with no deductions is the only thing that's fair. We also need to take a hard look at congressional benefits and force congress to live like the rest of us. I laugh every time I hear them state that they are servants of the people. What a joke. It's all about "what's in it for me" for our politicians. Keep the tea party and can everyone else. We can start over with that.

So now conservatives are ignoring Standard and Poor's. Doesn't matter what credible source tells them that their ideological fantasy is batshit crazy and just plain wrong. God could tell them that they're wrong and they would still believe that they're in the right. Whole countries around the world, even an arm of Wall Street, are telling them to wake up from their fantasy; And yet still they think their ideology holds up to reality.

I guess it just feels better to pretend that the world is an Orwellian totalitarianism, and that you're all Goldstein's followers; The only ones who know the truth, while the rest of the globe are sheep.

Randy, the problem with the Fitts blog post is that the federal government isn't the same as a family. I've read several analyses by economists along these lines.

If ordinary people aren't engaging in economic activity, and businesses aren't either, an economy will go into a downward spiral without government action. So deficits sometimes are necessary, along with borrowing, of course.

Also, when people say that government should act businesslike, they're forgetting that businesses borrow money all of the time. Most businesses would go broke they had to stick to a "balanced budget."

And how many families never borrow for a car, mortgage, or whatever? Analogies between family budgets and business budgets are quite limited when applied to the federal government.

I don't think conservatives are ignoring Standard and Poor's and their ideology is clearly not fantacy. The spending has to stop. I'm disappointed that they agreed to less of what was needed but it was probably just a last ditch effort to pass something even if it were wrong. If liberals want to close loop holes in the tax law then we need create a flat tax. No one should have to pay a higher tax % than anyone else, regardless of income level. Taking moore money from those that have doesn't help those that don't. Thinking that it does is a true ideological fantacy. or some call it socialism.

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