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August 11, 2011


Rick Perry is an embarrassment to humanity.

Sour grapes?

Let's see, God is so pissed at Perry that He...made Texas the most successful of the 50 states?

California and Oregon liberal politicians wouldn't admit it, but they'd gladly trade a little rain for a piece of Perry's Texas economy.

DJ, the "Texas miracle" is a myth. The unemployment rate there is comparable to the rest of the country. Growth in population, much of it illegal, accounts for the large number of (low wage) jobs created in Texas recently.

Also, government programs, such as military bases. Read the truth here:

Perry is a disappointing addition to the republican field. He used to play the liberal side of the fence having worked for Gore back in the 90's. Now he figures putting on a conservative costume may work. What he is is a crony capitalist owned by special interests and would be more of the same old politics as usual that has ruined this country. I would not be surprised if his religiosity is part of his political modus operandi. He's as phoney as they come.

Of the bunch, I like Ron Paul. At least he understands economics and the constitution and is not sold out to anyone. But with zero charisma he has no chance. You gotta have a cheshire cat grin like Obama to cast a spell on the masses.

Brian, Krugman's "Texas Unmiracle" sounds like sour grapes as well. To hear Krugman tell it, Perry's envious Texas economy is all lucky accident and fortunate circumstance.

Luck and fortunate circumstances...yeah, God sure is pissed at Perry alright ;)

tucson, I just watched The Daily Show where Jon Stewart marveled at how little attention Ron Paul is getting even though he placed second in the Iowa Straw Poll. It sure seems like the Republican Party establishment wants him to go away. My wife and I like him, though we don't agree with him on a lot of stuff. He's honest, straightforward, and says what he thinks without regard for how the political winds are blowing.

DJ, I notice that you didn't challenge any facts that Krugman presented about the Texas unmiracle. Rick Perry is going to fade fast once people realize the truth about him and Texas. Texas ranks really low on many factors that are important to people, so holding up the state as a model doesn't make sense.

Brian, I'm not a Perry fan. My candidate's not on the scene yet. I was simply poking fun at your 'one prayer not answered so God's pissed at you' premise. I’d prefer public figures keep their religion to themselves…usually strikes me as disingenuous or worse. Like Clinton and his ever present Bible or Obama choosing Jeremiah Wright’s church to enhance his Chicago street cred. Nevertheless, religious phony or not, Perry presides over an economy and state that is anything but the wrath of God.

I love that argument: 'People don't like many factors about Texas, that's why they keep moving there.' It's like the argument: 'Everyone hates America, that's why they keep breaking in.'

Of course Texas has warts. According to this CNBC ranking 48 states have more warts. http://www.cnbc.com/id/41666602

It's not Krugman's facts I dispute, it's his opinion. (It is an opinion piece after all). Krugman writes as though he believes the US economy is a zero-sum game...that growth can only come at the expense of another state. He ignores the impact of pro-business environment on organic business creation, on attracting business and investment from overseas, on existing business growth, reinvestment, productivity, consumer confidence, and on and on and on. This guy calls himself an economist??

DJ, I don't want the U.S. to look like Texas. Twenty-five states have lower unemployment than Texas and Texas ties with Mississippi for the most minimum wage jobs. Not an appealing model for the rest of the country. See:

Brian, I admire North Dakota and its 3.2% unemployment rate (no joke, I do) but let’s compare apples to apples. Here are the ten most populous states and their corresponding unemployment rates. At 8.2%, TX is third lowest behind NY (8.0%) and PA (7.6%). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_U.S._states_by_unemployment_rate

CA 11.8
TX 8.2
NY 8.0
FL 10.6
IL 9.2
PA 7.6
OH 8.8
MI 10.5
GA 9.9
NC 9.9

Funny how progressives push so hard for a higher minimum wage but don’t want anyone to actually work a minimum wage job. Where do you propose all those Texans with minimum wage skills work instead? Oregon? Maybe if Oregon had more folks working minimum wage jobs we wouldn’t have the uptick to 9.5% unemployment just announced today.

Texas looks mediocre, income below the national mean and household median, and % in poverty nearly 3% above the national average.

Per capita money income in past 12 months (2009 dollars) 2005-2009

Texas $24,318 USA $27,041

Median household income,

2009 Texas $48,286 USA $50,221

Persons below poverty level, percent, 2009 Texas 17.1% USA 14.3%


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