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August 22, 2011


So many comments to make here, but so little time so I’ll limit to just a few.

First of all, Brian, if you want to deter Republicans/conservatives from nominating Perry, all you really need to do is remind them Perry chaired your hero Al Gore’s 1988 Texas presidential primary campaign. If that doesn’t sway them, believe me, nothing else you bring up about his views on evolution or global warming will.

Next, this quote from the Thinkprogress link criticizing the corruptive effect of Big Oil money but defending the sanctity of Big Government grant money: “Anyone who knows actual scientists knows that they don’t do things for the money.” Right, ah-ha, sure. That’s why we let pharmaceutical companies do all of their own drug trials and bypass the FDA’s stringent approval process. Because, hey, they’re scientists after all – now shut up, trust them, and take your pill.

Finally, this little factoid. The one candidate you highlight, Jon Huntsman, who warns about the Republican party being “anti-science” – himself holds among the least scientific credentials of the group. This man-made global warming true believer dropped out of high school to join a rock band, had to instead later get his GED, and went on to get a bachelor’s degree in political science at UPenn. Bet that was tough.

Who are the two candidates with the most scientific credentials among the bunch? Herman Cain (BA in mathematics with a physics minor, and an MS in computer science from Purdue) and Ron Paul (BS in biology, and an MD from Duke). What do these two scientifically minded candidates think about man-made global warming?

Herman Cain: "Man-made global warming is poppycock. I hope I can say that on your show," he said. In case that wasn't clear: "In other words, I don't believe in it."
Ron Paul: "you know the greatest hoax I think has been around many many years, if not hundreds of years, has been this hoax on the environment and global warming."

And Ron Paul didn’t come to this conclusion lightly. See his thoughtful (even balanced) earlier comments on global warming here:
and here:

Oh, and even Rick Perry took a stab at the real sciences earning a degree in animal science from Texas A&M – but he partied too hard and got a 2.2 GPA. At least we know his GPA…good luck getting your hands on Obama’s.

DJ, explain to me how it is that 97-98% of the world's climate scientists say that humans are causing global warming, and that this is a real danger to humanity?

Do you disbelieve what 98% of other sorts of scientists say about something? If you had serious symptoms of an illness, and 98 out of 100 doctors said "It is X, and you need treatment Y," would you dismiss their viewpoint and unthinkingly embrace the other two opinions?

Do you disbelieve the big bang? Do you disbelieve evolution? Do you disbelieve DNA and RNA? I'm curious. Once you start disbelieving in a scientific consensus, what stops you from disbelieving all of modern science? Do you believe in a flat earth? How about the sun revolving around the Earth? Do you draw the line somewhere?

"They just spout off about whatever is politically expedient. If Republican primary voters demand crazy talk from a candidate, that's what they're given."

...and democrats don't do that? C'mon man.

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