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July 17, 2011


This will never fly, Brian, the penalty shootout method seems to be the lesser, or least even, of all the evil methods of deciding draws. Anyway, Japan has had a crap year and deserve a little boost!

Like you, Brian, I have never watched much soccer and I agree with your assesment. They did have one "extra time" period after regulation time was over that is much like "overtime" in pro basketball. However, in basketball if the score is still tied after the first overtime, they have another, and another until someone wins.

Maybe the "extra time" period in soccer should be "sudden death"...the first team to score wins. They play until someone scores. Then its all over.

The penalty kick system seems absurd to me. It's like saying both teams should be penalized for tying, so the game will be decided on a series of penalty kicks. Strange thinking.

It is rare for me to find common ground with you on this Hinesight blog as I strongly disagree with your politics in almost every respect. I am registered independent and seem to be more or less a libertarian type if a label is necessary and as if it mattered.

One area of common ground...Health Insurance Companies. They are being run by sadists. The industry needs to be cleaned up, but not with Obamacare.

tucson, we might agree on more stuff than you suspect. Anyway, I get along great with my conservative neighbors (well, most of them). On the whole, life isn't made up of politics. It's made up of living.

Here's a good video summary of the World Cup game for those who want to spend just a few minutes seeing the important stuff: goals.

Observe how chancy the penalty kicks are. The ESPN story correctly says that penalty kicks are only tangentially related to the preceding part of the match. How is this a fair way to decide who wins? Crazy.

Interesting that my neophyte soccer mind came to the same conclusion as an ESPN reporter. Namely, that a team game is reduced to an individual game. See:
"The penalty shootout presents a challenge more mental than physical. It's a nerve-jamming spectacle, only tangentially connected to the 120 minutes that have preceded it. The team game is reduced to a mind game, a test of courage between two players. One trying to force the ball over the line, the other determined to prevent that from happening.

For the players, the walk from the safe cocoon of the huddle is debilitating, an endless agony to confront a single foe, live before an audience of millions. The joust can end in one of only two ways: delirium or despair. As each shot is attempted, the game theory becomes more complex and the stress rises. It's a reality compounded by the fact not one of these female players had prior experience navigating this ultimate stress test before a global audience with the stakes so high."

Hmmmm..I have no interest in soccer whatsoever. I did read a statistic recently, and it declared that it is estimated that three billion (with a "b") people watched the World Cup. That's close to half of the population of the planet.
I'm still not interested.

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